Pokemon Diamond – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Pokemon Diamond game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

Keep a good mix of types on your team and keep the moves mixed up. You should have a super-effective attack for all occasions. Don’t stress about which Pokemon you should be getting. If you like the look of something, and it’s got a type that suits your team. Give it a go. If it turns out to be a waste of time, at least you’ve put EXP towards evolving it for pokedex data. Just catch something else and level it instead.

  • Always keep a good supply of poke-balls on you. Dark, Timer and Ultra balls are vital to capturing legendaries, each have an equivalent boost in capture rate when used appropriately (Dark balls at night, Timer late in battle and Ultra as a general all-occasion ball.).
  • Make sure you pick up something that’s reasonably speedy and can put a pokemon to sleep. Something like an Alakazam is ideal. But that will be vital to catching roaming legendaries later on.
  • Pokemon who use an attack that matches their type get a significant boost in power known as a same-type attack bonus. Each pokemon in your team should have access to a Stab move. If you have a dual type, take advantage of that.
  • Starter is your personal choice, however bear in mind the only decent fire-type you can add to your team along the way is Ponyta who isn’t at all that fantastic when compared to Chimchar. A fire type is certainly worth having in the late game, so unless you have your heart set on one of the others, go for Chimchar.
  • Pokemon’s really not too hard a game. Even if you’re under-levelled as long as you can keep taking advantage of STAB and opponent weaknesses there isn’t going to be much that will pose a challenge.
  • If you want to get through the game as fast as possible (so you can unlock Pal Park and the other post-E4 stuff), pick Chimchar and only use him (allow him to evolve, of course). You can still catch all the pokemon you want, but only use the monkey for trainer battles. He will very quickly surpass everything in terms of power and stay that way for the entire game, even against the Elite Four.

You can grab a lucky egg fairly quickly during the beginning, which gives a 50% exp boost to the amount of exp the holder will get. Once you reach Solaceon Town (the place with the Daycare center) some time after your second badge, you can hunt down Chansey on Routes 209 and 210. Whichever place you pick doesn’t really matter, although you can keep your bike on 209. Chansey itself is a rare encounter, with only 5% chance to pop up. On top of this, it’s very difficult to catch, and only has 5% chance to actually be holding the egg. Solution? If you found the Thief TM in Eterna city then it will be a whole lot easier as you’ll be able to steal the egg from chansey. Thief will always steal 100% of the time, the only exception is when your pokemon is already holding an item. Chansey also carry Oval Stones 50% of the time, and will net a nifty 1000 bucks at the local shop.

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