Metal Dogs – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any precautions to take when getting the latest game updates?

  • If the app cache remains, it may not be updated.
  • Please try to update by following the steps below.

  1. Right-click the app and select “Properties”-> “Local File” → Execute [Check the integrity of the game file …].
  2. Select the “Steam” tab at the top left of the screen and click “Download” → Select [Clear download cache].

* You will be asked to log in to the Steam app again.

What should I do if the phenomenon “Is it a problem?” Occurs after the update?

  • The game data may be corrupted.
  • Please try the following procedure to see if it can be improved.
  • Right-click the app and select “Properties”-> “Local File” → Execute [Check the integrity of the game file …].

Are there any precautions when using the controller?

  • If the controller setting of “METAL DOGS” is [Default setting] or [Disable Steam input], the controller input may not be accepted.
  • Right-click on the app and change it to [Enable Steam Input] from the “METAL DOGS Override” pull-down menu in the “Properties”-> “Controller” tab.

* Please note that you will be asked to restart after the change.

Please tell me the procedure to end the game!

  • You can end the game from “End Game” on the title screen.
  • You can also end the game by clicking “Stop” on the Steam app or by quitting the Steam app itself.

Is there a way to see how to operate the game?

  • Please refer to “Controller Guide” on the option screen.
  • In addition, the guide for the controller button is displayed at the bottom left of the screen and in the frame of each item such as weapons, so please refer to this as well.

How can I adjust the volume of the sound?

  • Various volume adjustments are possible from the optional “Audio Settings”.
  • If you want to make finer adjustments,
  • Please adjust the volume of the [METAL DOGS] app from the “Volume Mixer” of Windows.

I want to know the difference between player characters and dog breeds!

  • Currently, there are the following differences depending on the type of dog:

  • Shiba Inu (Pochi): Physical strength and movement speed are average and well-balanced.
  • Doberman (Bell): Not very strong, but fast moving.
  • Bulldog (Bonanza): Slow movement speed, but high physical strength.

Please have an adventure with a dog that suits your taste, such as performance and appearance.

Is there a limit to the number of consumable items I have?

  • Each consumable item has a limit of possession, and once the limit is reached, it cannot be picked up.
  • If you want to keep more consumable items in stock than you have
  • It is possible to deposit in the “warehouse” of the base.

Is there a way to sell items in bulk at the shop?

  • Please use the “Multiple selection” and “Sell all slots” functions on the “Sell” screen of the shop.
    * At this time, please be careful not to accidentally sell the necessary items.
  • Also, please refer to the key guide at the bottom of the screen to see which key can be used for execution.

About each sale

  1. Multiple selection: You can sell the selected items at once regardless of whether they are equipped or not.
  2. Bulk sale of the number of slots: All items with the specified number of slots or less will be sold, except for equipped items and consumables.

I want to buy equipment while comparing it with the items equipped in the shop!

  • On the “Buy” screen of the shop, place the cursor on the item you want to compare and execute “Equipment Comparison” to compare the performance with the currently equipped item.
  • Please refer to the key guide at the bottom of the shop screen to see if you can perform “equipment comparison” with the key.

Is there a limit to the number of items that can be brought into the quest?

  • There is a limit to the number of items you can bring into the quest, and you must keep it within this limit.
  • Please carefully look at the information on the sortie menu in advance and select the items to bring.
    * Items that you do not use but want to keep can be stored in the “warehouse” of the base.
  • It is recommended to organize the items at the base before and after the sortie.

What should I do if the item inventory is filled?

  • The current item possession limit is 42 items including the equipped items. When you return from the quest, organize the items in the shop or warehouse, and carry only the minimum items so that you can look into the quest.
  • When selling at a shop or depositing in a warehouse, it is possible to sell in bulk or deposit in bulk, so please take advantage of it.

How can I pick up items that have fallen in the field?

  • Gold can be obtained automatically by approaching, but other items can be obtained by approaching nearby and pressing the enter button.
  • If you can’t get it by pressing the OK button, you have reached the “tool” possession limit.
  • You can get it by placing unnecessary items on the field or throwing them away to free up the “tool” possession frame.

About each item

  1. When an item is “placed”: It can be relearned until it is moved or cleared or retired.
  2. If you “throw away” an item: it will be destroyed immediately and will not be available again.

Is there a way to calmly use recovery items?

  • Consumable items can also be used from the “Tools” menu.
  • Open “Menu” in the dungeon and open
  • “Tools” → Decide the item you want to use → “Use”
  • It can be used by selecting.

Please tell me how to use the state recovery item.

  • Abnormal condition recovery items are the same as consumable items in the item menu,
  • It can be used from the shortcut.

Among the abnormal condition recovery items, “antifreeze” is

  • Instead of using it manually to recover from an abnormality when it becomes abnormal
  • By [equiping] in advance, the effect of preventing abnormal conditions will be activated automatically.
  • The abnormal condition recovery item is a lifeline item that is indispensable in the dungeon where various monsters await.
  • It will be lined up in the shop according to the progress of the quest.
  • If necessary, we recommend that you purchase enough items to recover from abnormal conditions before trying.

Please tell me how to get the enhancement items!

  • Enhanced items such as the “Speed Tab” will be available as drop items in the field and will be sold in the shop as the quest progresses.
  • Like the abnormal condition recovery item, it is a lifeline item that is indispensable in the dungeon where various monsters await. If you can afford it, we recommend that you purchase enough enhancement items before trying.

I want to move quickly in the dungeon!

  • You can use the [Speed Tab] to temporarily increase the movement speed.
  • If you want to explore every corner, we recommend that you bring it with you.
  • Also, depending on the type of equipment item, a special effect of “moving speed up” may be added.
  • If you equip an item with the corresponding special effect, you can always search with the movement speed increased, so please give it a try.

I want to fix the target and attack, what should I do?

  • In this work, the aim is basically switched automatically.
  • If you press the “L Trigger (LT)” button while aiming,
  • You can lock on to the aiming monster.
  • Also, with one of the monsters locked on,
  • You can change the lock-on target by tilting the right stick toward the enemy.

How can I deal with a group of enemies?

  • It’s a good idea to use lock-on to defeat them one by one.
  • If there is any gap between you and the monster,
  • You can also escape by using evasive actions.
  • If there are monsters blocking the passage and you can’t defeat them at your current position, try detouring or take the plunge and break through with evasive action.

I want to use reloading well!

  • You can also reload manually by operation.
  • Also, if you shoot all the bullets, it will be reloaded immediately.
  • Before you get used to it, we recommend that you hold down the key of the weapon with the remaining bullets and shoot it off.

What should I do if the enemy becomes stronger?

  • Clear the quests that you have cleared once, and try to strengthen them by raising the level and equipping them.
    * You can get the reward for clearing every time.

The attack power has become unsatisfactory!

  • Save money and buy the most expensive weapons available in the shop at the time.
  • First of all, we recommend purchasing from a machine gun.
  • Also, some enemies have the ability to reduce damage from certain directions.
  • If the damage is reduced, the “shield” icon is displayed in the damage value, so try attacking from the direction where the damage is not reduced.

Do I have to defeat WANTED?

  • If the quest clearing conditions do not include [Defeat WANTED “○○”]
  • WANTED that appears in the quest can be passed through and scored.
  • It is also possible to capture the quest and beyond first, and then try again after equipping the equipment.

A powerful WANTED monster has appeared!

  • Some WANTED monsters are not included in the clearing conditions and are difficult to subdue at the time of their first appearance.
  • In that case, do not try to beat it forcibly and aim for the goal first.
  • It’s a good idea to complete the quest, strengthen the level and equipment, and then defeat it again.
  • Some of the WANTED monsters set for clearing conditions are powerful.
  • It’s a good idea to review your equipment and take on the challenge with a sufficient amount of enhancement items, recovery items, etc.
  • Observe the opponent’s attacks and characteristics, and if you feel that the LV is insufficient, we recommend that you raise the LV with another quest and then try again.

Is there an efficient way to make money to buy weapons and items?

  • Repeat the WANTED quest to get a lot of rewards
  • We recommend that you clear it.

I want to know about gimmicks!

  • The gimmick has the effect of raising one’s status etc.
  • Some will be damaged regardless of the enemy or ally.

For gimmicks that increase your status

  • Please approach and check if it is an attack (*) and activate it.
  • If you activate the gimmick of the same effect again while the effect is activated,
  • The duration of the effect will be restored.

For gimmicks that are affected by damage, regardless of enemy or ally

If you use a weapon with a short range such as a “machine gun”, you will be affected, so
Lock on the gimmick in advance, and when the enemy approaches the gimmick,
It is recommended to attack and activate with a cannon or missile.

* – Only “dog toys” can be checked and activated.

How can I use the “machine gun” well?

  • A “machine gun” is a weapon that is effective when fired continuously.
  • Since it is not a weapon with high accuracy, try using it by holding down the button after approaching the monster you want to attack.

I want to fire multiple weapons at the same time!

  • Please note that each weapon cannot be fired at the same time.

What is the effect of activating “Rush”?

When you activate Rush, the following two effects will be activated.

  • “Rapid fire” effect of the equipped weapon
  • “Bomb” effect that damages enemies on the entire screen

In the case of a rush with a weapon type such as “Machine Gun Rush”

  • The “Bomb” effect can be activated without a corresponding weapon,
  • The “burst” effect of each weapon will not activate unless the corresponding weapon is equipped.

For example, if you execute “Machine Gun Rush” with all weapons equipped with “S-E”, the “Bomb” effect will be activated, but the “Rapid Fire” effect will not be activated.

  • If you want to do more damage to the enemy, equip the weapon with the matching weapon type.
  • Try activating Rush.

Does the 〇〇 rush activate without that weapon?

  • A 〇〇 rush such as a machine gun rush is a deadly attack that can be activated regardless of the equipped weapon, and if equipped, it will fire the weapon at the same time. A powerful bomb attack will be triggered even if there is no corresponding weapon.
  • When conducting experiments in the weapons laboratory, the type of rush may change randomly.
  • (Example) Machine gun rush → Canon rush, etc.
  • If you want to get a rush that matches your weapon, you can spend some money on “component mutants” in the weapons laboratory and experiment.

Please tell me the meaning of the colors on weapons and armor!

  • Weapons and armor may have the effect of granting each slot.
  • The color of each equipment name changes depending on the type and number of effects given.
  • Starting from “white” with no imparting effect, the color changes in the following order.

White → green → blue → purple → orange

  • Even if the equipment is the same color, the effect will be different, so please look for your own powerful equipment.

Can constituent mutants be used during the quest?

  • “Constituent mutants” are items used during experiments in the weapons laboratory.
  • It cannot be used during the quest.
  • Once you have the “Constituent Mutant”, please experiment in the Weapons Laboratory.

Does experimenting in the “weapon laboratory” definitely improve performance?

  • The results of the experiments in the “Weapon Laboratory” are random.
  • Performance can be better or worse, depending on your luck.
  • Since it can not be returned to the original state, experiment with the same equipment until good equipment comes out,
  • Try different weapons, such as experimenting with low-risk weapons.

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