GTA 5 – Advanced Bomb-Running With GPS Targeting

This guide will cover how to precisely drop bombs from any aircraft with bombing capability using the GPS. Bomb them from the heavens.


GTA 5 - Advanced Bomb-Running With GPS Targeting

We all know Rockstar could have done better with how bombs are dropped with the aircrafts from the latest smuggler’s run update.The only method players find to drop their bombs is dive-bombing,a fail-proof technique used from World War 1 in real life.But,this method has its disadvantages,you will successfully drop the bomb on that guy with a bounty on his head,only to find yourselves taken out by a third guy in his oppressor while you were climbing back to safety.

This method will teach you how to drop bombs from a safe enough height and still hit your targets.
In this guide,im using The Western Company Rogue.


What we mainly need to focus on in this technique is your GPS,it will be different from what you see when you are in a non-flying vehicle.when you are in an aircraft,you will be given this overlay on your GPS.

This is actually an Attitude Indicator in real life,it shows the pitch and the roll of the aircraft.But,here,in GTA V, this is an Altimeter.It represents how high you are relative to the sea-level in the game.The long lines at the top(not seen here as im flying low) and bottom represents the Maximum achievable height in the game with an aircraft and the sea level respectively.The dynamic line with an upward triangular notch in the center represents your aircraft.All the small bars in between the two long lines indicate different levels of altitude.There are 9 such bars in total with the 5th one from the bottom being the smallest,this bar,the center bar indicates the half of the maximum height achievable in the game.This overlay also indicates your roll.So we get two kinds of information from this overlay,the altitude and the roll status.

How To

Now the trick behind this method is using your GPS and the Altitude-Roll Overlay simultaneously to hit your target,As you can see,i’m flying with my upward triangle notch just touching the second bar(don’t count the base line and the Max height line*)

*Not shown here

Now let us look into this scenario,
You are flying in this configuration with your engine at idle(Not giving any throttle),i’ve experimentally determined that if you were to release bombs now,the bombs WILL fall at the particular location in your GPS coinciding with your 4th bar in your overlay.

We can call this bar as the target-bar (CCRP in real life).

If you were flying higher,say if your triangular notch is just touching the 3rd bar,the bombs will fall at wherever your 6th bar in the overlay is coinciding with your GPS.

If you were flying even higher,at the 4th bar,the bombs would fall at?… Yep, where the 8th bar in the overlay coincides with your GPS.

So its basically 2x the bar height where the bomb falls right?… No.

I’ve seen that this rule follows till you reach the 5th bar,or the center bar,at this height i determined that the bomb falls somewhere in between the 8th and the 9th bar.

You can experiment with this technique as much as you want.The Release Point (CCRP) will be different for different aircrafts.The basic idea is using your altitude overlay as a reference to the GPS.

Bonus Tips

  • If you find a hard time lining up with your target,go switch between the bombing camera and the normal camera views.When you switch to the bombing camera,the aircraft aligns itself with the horizon,then switch back to normal view,make necessary adjustments and again switch to the bombing camera and follow the How-To section int the guide.
  • If you want to make sure your opponent stays dead along with all his buddies,use carpet bombing,start dropping bombs before half to one bar before the target bar (explained in the How-To section).
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  1. its a bit tough to understand i had to read it a few times over to get it but thanks man this will help (just sayin make it easely understood for the sake of others)

  2. I have actually been using a very similar method but it was hit and miss..mostly miss. The explainion of the lines in the altimeter window appears to be the missing peice ofthe puzzle for me. Will try this on my next bombing runs.

  3. thanks for this tip!
    50000 away from bombing on my seabreeze
    this would make droppin mah load a lot easier
    and i didnt even know there was a bombing cam!

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