Aliens: Fireteam Elite – How to Get the Most Out of the Medic

How to get the most out of the medic class abilities, both as a Medic, and having a medic on your team.

Medic Guide


This is for being a medic, or playing with a medic. If you don’t have a medic, disregard and go back to your regularly scheduled medkit rotation.

If you’re playing with a Medic, or want to play effectively as a medic, read on…

The Medic’s (I’m not saying Doc) Trauma Station (the remote healer) can only heal 3000 hp of health before it goes offline. It gets recharged by picking up medkits in the field. How can this be optimized?

Don’t fully heal. Get just a hair short of full health, then let the Medic heal you with his/her medkit. They ( they medic ) pick up another medkit, recharge their trauma station and heal the next teammate. This way, a medic can get recharged trauma station for spot healing and the other teammates get to keep their own starting medkits for emergencies.

TLDR: Don’t fully heal, let your medic use the spare kits on you. Keep the Trauma Station charged.

Written by Bhuark

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