S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Unlike the previous two games, Call of Pripyat does not require any mods to run well or fix bugs.
  • Before you play go check your keybindings, you will need most of them at some point. Rebind anything you don’t like including quick save and quick load if necessary. Unlike previous games, this game has 4 quick item slots you configure in game.
  • Press the walk button while holding or toggled crouch to enable low crouch. Useful at times.
  • Stealth is broken without mods.
  • Save often, save early, keep multiple saves. Call of Pripyat is hard game and does still crash once in awhile.
  • People you can talk to are represented by a star on the mini-map.

  • Finding a better gun isn’t a huge priority since your starting weapon is pretty decent. Since weapons can be repaired and modified though; a good weapon can stick with you a long time.
  • Side quests are hit or miss. Most aren’t real hard and offer middling rewards. There aren’t nearly as many as in previous games.
  • Spend some time figuring out how your anomaly detector works. Basically faster, louder beeps are bad. You will get a feel for it. Artifacts now only spawn in the fixed anomaly locations around the map and can only be picked up with the detector out. The detector will point in their general direction but you have to find them.
  • Artifacts are very hit or miss as well. If an artifact you want to use has a radiation penalty, make sure have one that adds radiation resist. The best artifacts usually are ones that’s increase your radiation resist, carry weight and stamina recovery.
  • Good things to horde include ammo of all types, med-kits, bandages, anti-rads, food and energy drinks. You will use a lot of these.
  • Generally don’t bother carrying enemy guns around. Unload them for their ammo and drop them. They aren’t worth much and need to be repaired before being sold anyway. Artifacts are a much better source of money, as is the campaign.
  • In the first hub just pick an objective and go for it. You will eventually run in to friendly Stalkers who will point you to the nearest friendly camp.
  • At some point, it may appear that a certain option will cause you to lose all of your loot. It does not, you will only lose a random amount of money.

  • Most guns use 2 different types of ammo. The higher rank stuff is better saved for late game.
  • Unlike previous games you do not have to be told about a loot stash before it is full. You can still get coordinates in a variety of fashions, but it’s no longer necessary. Because of this random exploring might actually get you something, but probably not much really.
  • On the topic of hoarding, there is in fact several storage boxes throughout the game. Look for cooler sized blue or green metal boxes. There is one at each hub areas main camp. Moving your stash forward as you progress though the game is a good idea.
  • Pay attention to your carry weight. You can go up to 10kg above your max, but suffer massive stamina penalties if you do so.
  • The fast travel can be a little inconvenient to use. Only certain Stalkers will take you places, they are all dressed the same though. There is usually one around each main camp, but the also randomly roam The Zone.
  • There aren’t really Factions anymore. You can still favor one side over the other, but it takes some real effort to actually provoke any fighting between them. You can be friends with everyone including the Bandits.

  • Completing the in game achievements in the game actually has positive benefits in game. This includes better inventory at merchants and better prices, plus some other nice little perks. You will likely stumble in to a bunch of them as you play. Looking up a list will involve spoilers, but could be useful to know ahead of time because a couple of them are great to have.
  • Certain armor and weapon upgrades are only available from certain technicians. They will also need tools in order to make any modifications at all. You don’t get any map markers as to where they are, but you can get hints from random Stalkers on occasion by talking to them. It might just be in your best interest to look up where they are.
  • Feel free to experiment with guns. Other than the pistols (which you will probably stop carrying altogether at some point) and the first shotgun almost everything is viable or useful in the right moments. Keep in mind you have different ammo types too. The shotgun especially benefits from this in some scenarios.
  • Equipping a silencer has a immediate -20% impact to Damage, Accuracy and Bullet Speed. They provide a 20% bonus to recoil reduction. Probably not worth it.
  • The point of no return is after completing a mission regarding signal jamming. As soon as you finish the mission you are locked in to the endgame so prepare ahead of time.

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