Salt and Sanctuary – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Salt and Sanctuary game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

Combat Advice

  • You can roll through enemies during your invincibility frames if you’re right up against them. Overall rolling is less effective than in the Souls games however, so even agile characters should consider investing in a decent shield.
  • Some weapons have an alternate combo if you hold Up and do a Light attack.
  • Light attack + Heavy attack will do a launcher move if you’re not burdened by too much armor. Dagger users in particular benefit a lot from this move as it deals Strike damage, punching through armored enemies much faster than normal slashes.
  • Don’t neglect temporary weapon buffs from items such as Blessed Pages and Pitchfires, particularly against bosses. They can provide a dramatic damage increase for a short time, especially if you happen to hit the enemy’s elemental weakness.
  • Roll animation breakpoints are DS1 style: every 25% equipment load. Medium roll isn’t bad, on account of shields being generally more useful, but fat rolling makes it very hard to move through enemies.

Other Advice

  • Use your Sanctuary figurines liberally as you can’t really place them incorrectly.
  • All Guides sell Calling Horns which allow you to teleport back to any Sanctuary with a Guide. They’re cheap and very convenient, so make sure to stock up on them.
  • Most new weapons come from transmutation at an Alchemist, not finding them in the world. Your available transmutations depend on your Devotion to your Creed.
  • You can increase your Devotion to a Creed by talking to any Leader in a Sanctuary and bringing them what they ask for. Higher Devotion increases your transmutation options and available wares from merchants, but most importantly it allows you to increase the amount of free supplies you get whenever you rest in a Sanctuary belonging to that Creed. Devotion resets to 0 if you change Creeds.
  • Some walls hide secret doors, these are opened with the Use button (Circle on a Playstation controller).
  • Keep an eye out for inaccessible areas you obviously need a movement upgrade for and remember them, there’s good loot hidden behind backtracking.
  • Using the ‘Flint & Steel’ sword should probably be avoided as it has some severe bugs associated with it.

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