Quake – Pro Tips for Beginners

Sadly not everyone alive today played Quake in 1996. That is unfortunate but this guide will assist new players to become Quake pros just like us old timers.

Beginners Pro Tips

  • You can get your health restored to maximum if you let a Shambler give you a hug.
  • Use the Thunderbolt underwater.
  • Rocket jumping works best with low health, Quad Damage and no armour.
  • Red armour is fireproof letting you walk on lava.
  • In the military base levels, you will sometimes find radioactive containers. Open them with your axe for a random power up.
  • Vores can be a real pain, you can hit their firepods back at them with the axe, but the timing is difficult.
Written by PhosphoR

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