Shadow of the Colossus – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Shadow of the Colossus game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • If you see any white lizards, run to them and pick them up (I forget how). You’ll munch on them and increase your grab meter. Also, using your sword will reveal the bosses’ weak points, and it can be pretty useful. Some of the collosi are a little tricky though, and take some extra work rather than just climbing to a point and stab stab stab.
  • There are different kinds of drain on stamina depending where and how you are holding on. If you are grabbing on a level piece of giant and he is not moving around, your stamina will not move. If you are grabbing unto the wings of a bird and hanging upside down, your stamina will drain really fast.
  • To regain stamina, stand up on the above mentioned leveled areas or a place it is really hard to fall off (Second Boss: Good example because the shell structure on his back forms as a sort of playpen. You can stay in there and be tossed around forever but you will still gain strength
  • Jump and hit the same button to grab to quick mount the horse from the side.
  • The horse is smart. If you come across a twisty bridge or complicated path that isn’t too sharp, don’t touch the controls and just keep holding down the run button. It will auto-navigate. This is a godsend since you will, half the time, have to run across that bridge near the temple for half of the gods.
  • While exploring, you will find different kinds of fruit trees. You can shoot them down and eat the pieces to increase your life bar.
  • The lizards are often found by the climbable landmarks with the walkthrough archway and buttress. Black tails and white tails are scattered across the land, but the ones on these landmarks will all have white tails that increase your stamina.
  • When you find one of these landmarks, take the time to shoot down the lizard. That way if a tower is on your map, you know you’ve taken the time to grab the lizard.
  • The structure you start the game inside has a tablet at the bottom of the stairs where you can save your game by pressing triangle. The climbable landmarks also have these tablets, so make sure to use them from time to time because it’s easy to fall off cliffs etc.

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