Aliens: Fireteam Elite – How to Obtain Got All I Need Achievement

For those of you who play and enjoy this game, you may have taken a look at the achievements. Most of them are simple time sinks. But one achievement stands out from the rest; “Got All I Need”. In order to get this achievement, you must “Complete a mission without using aid kits, ammo crates, or consumables.”

Got All I Need Achievement Guide

Step #1 : The Class

You can really use whatever you’re comfortable with, but I recommend the Technician. You usually want some form of quick and easy damage without using much ammo, and the Technician literally has a 13 second cooldown Turret. So, you know, that’s pretty useful.

I should mention that I personally did this with a smartgun Demolisher and ran out of ammo FAST, and basically had to use my sidearm for half of the mission. So if I can do it, you certainly can too.

Step #2 : The Loadout

Grab as many ammo attachments and weakspot damage mods you can get your hands on. If you went Technician like I suggested, your shotguns should be sufficient for this task as they’ll probably one shot everything (more on this soon…)

You’re going to be using your sidearm exclusively for everything but Holdouts. It’s a horrible weapon, but it’ll do its job while your allies do the heavy lifting. I personally recommend doing this solo so that you’re not crutching on another player to get everything done, but you do you.

If you’re Technician, and you have the ranks for it, put everything you can into buffing your turret. As your main source of damage, it needs the upgrades.

Remember! You cannot use consumables! Opening chests or bringing equipment is a big, fat no-no!

Step #3 : The Mission

You’re (preferably) going to be doing the very first mission, “Priority One : Ingress”. Once you’ve selected it, mess around with the settings a bit and set the difficulty to the lowest possible setting. Enemy health will essentially be halved, damage will be capped against you, and your synth allies get a slight buff. Is this cheating? Probably. Is this my problem? No, and its not yours either.

From here, just go through the mission using as little of your limited ammo as possible. Remember that while your sidearm is garbage, it has unlimited ammo. If a Holdout is looking dicey, its okay to cave and use some of your limited ammo, but just save some for the end where you Holdout for 3 minutes at the elevator. There’s a guaranteed spawn of a spitter and I believe a spawn of a warrior during that Holdout, so also keep that in mind.

Mission Complete

If you’ve done everything as described and didn’t touch any crates, didn’t refill your ammo, and never used a med kit, then as soon as you enter the elevator and complete the mission you should get your shiny new achievement!

Written by Deltarizon

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