Sprocket – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be multiplayer?

  • A small one eventually, no matchmaking.

Will there be steam workshop integration?

  • It’s very likely.

Can I export my design as a model?

  • This is not supported and is not planned to be for the time-being.

Will there be a sandbox?

  • Yes.

Will there be environmental destruction?

  • Yes, though no terrain deformation.

Will there be mission/map creators?

  • It’s a no for now.

Tank Designer

Can you design your armour?

  • Yes.

Will there be rounded/cast hulls/turrets or pike nose hulls?

  • All to come over time.

Will there be open-topped vehicles?

  • They’re not planned.

Can I have more than 2 tracks?

  • They’re supported but need some work so they’re not allowed for the time-being.

Will there be stabilisers?

  • There’s a small amount of stabilisation in by default for game feel, more specialised stuff may come later on.

Will there be engineering vehicles of any kind?

  • Mine clearers for sure, others a possibility.

Will there be sabot rounds of any kind?

  • Sabots would ruin the balance without modern armour types, it’s a no for now.

Will there be squeeze bore cannons?

  • More weapons will be explored once standard cannons are sorted. Including squeeze bores.

Can I pick where to store ammunition?

  • Set the amount stored in the hull or turret, this affects load time & detonation chance.

Will there be Oscillating Turrets or Hull aiming/Pneumatic suspension?

  • Possibly, though far down the line.

Will there be different types of armour?

  • Only RHA for now.

Will we be able to make our own shells?

  • It’s planned.

Will we get wheeled vehicles?

  • Possibly, though very far down the line.

Will there be autoloaders?

  • Probably, though far off. Only manual loading for now.

Will there be machine guns?

  • Only decorative for now.

What is the smallest and largest gun I can use?

  • For now 30-250 mm

Can I add more than 1 cannon or turret?

  • Only 1 of each for now.

Will there be modern era tanks?

  • Sticking to WW2 for the time-being. But the foundation is all there for other eras.

Is there a limit to cannon elevation/depression?

  • Cannon rotation is constrained by internal walls & breech size.

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