King’s Bounty II – How to Complete Trial of Morane

Guide to Beat Trial of Morane


  • Scroll use on most fat unit – it half own archers.
  • Don`t get hit from 1 turn (exept archers)
  • Use most cost skill from mage book on all left enemys. And kill all for 1-2 turn as ghost repeat ability.
  • Teleport to archers as ghost and kill left archers. Have +2 move from fatest enemys. Teleport back to low part from fat mob.
  • Use lowerst hp ghouls as first hit. then use other and ghost. I win and my 3 ghotst left.

Alternative Explanation

  • This is, where ghosts have to shine and also need a little bit of luck for extra turn with morale.
  • But first round use scroll on giants so they attack own archers.
  • Move ghosts on left top between the two enemy stacks and use scream.
  • Thats a solid start, next turn use that 20 mana spell on three enemies on left side so you clear them quickly
  • Then you want to finish archers (ghost can fly up there), then only giants should last and you should be able to overwhelm them with ghouls and ghosts. 

Note: Takes a little practice and a bit of luck tho.

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