Cuphead – Cutting Corners Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to get the achivement “Cutting Corners.” It is a simple achivement but can help you progress early in the game too!

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Where to Find It

After you have completed the tutorial, you will venture out into the world! To get this achivement, simply cross the bridge where the Apple Man is sitting (he gives you free coins btw) and head north. Head to the right of the trees that move (a boss fight) and you will notice a small land made bridge. This is not actually the edge of the map! If you proceed under the bridge and around to the right, you will appear on the other side! At this time the achivement should appear, and you have the added benefit of accessing more of the map even if you haven’t unlocked the official route there yet!

Screenshots for Reference

  • Image 1: Cuphead at the start of the new world! You can see him just past the bridge heading in the direction you need to go.

  • Image 2: The start of the secret passage. 

  • Image 3: Welcome to the other side Cuphead! Now go explore some new areas early! 

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