Super Animal Royale – Ultimate Basic Guide (with Tips for Newbies)

A guide aimed at helping players (somehow) get better at the game, with a few tips.

World Overview and How to Survive

The Basics

A Few notes worth keeping in mind as you play the game.

Keep it cool

If you ever die, don’t sweat it. There is always time to redo what you started. Try working each match on a specific skill, like aiming or understanding weapons more. Practice makes perfect!


This game has quite the friendly community, and most players would like to keep it that way. Don’t spam in chat with any kind of harmful meaning, racism, slurs, politics, or just anything rude at all. Keep it pawsitive out here.

No teaming

Teaming in Solos is very unfair to other players if you work together against everyone else. In some cases, folks might start a bounty on certain teamers, where someone might try to hunt them down for revenge. If you want a teammate, just go into Duos or Squads, it’s that easy.

Have fun

I find this game to be enjoyable on a whole new level. Great time with friends, good sense of action and adventure, and overall a good way to spend the afternoon. If you enjoy playing, congrats, I’m glad you liked trying it out!

Choose a Gamemode

Alright, you’ve booted up the game, time to choose a gamemode to play! Currently, there are quite a few gamemodes you can choose from to play in. You’ve got the standard modes such as Solos, Duos, and Squads. As well as a few LTMs such as S.A.W Vs Rebellion, and the Mystery Mode. From here I’ll cover each mode for further explanation.


It’s an ultimate battle of the skill, each animal is out for themselves, and themselves alone. Compete against 63 other opponents with the same goal in mind: to climb your way to top of the food chain in this thrilling survival experience! Solos is mainly a good gamemode for practicing techniques or grinds for cosmetics/XP, so feel free to drop in any time you like for either that dub, or just a challenge you are working on.


Along your adventures you have found a good friend at your side, or you are just passing through with fill mode turned on. Either way, Duos is a good team building exeperience throughout battle royale, as you and your buddy work your way to the dub against 62 other opponents. May the best partnership win!


You’re placed with 3 other teammates against other squads of 4 in this cooperative combat experience. Stay organized and alert as you venture through the island. Fight off other teams of 4 as you encounter them, and make your way to victory together. This gamemode can be a hard one sometimes, as other opposing teams can be unpredictable as they strike, so remember to keep a stratagy in mind.

S.A.W. VS Rebellion

A 32 vs 32 gamemode revolving around the continuous battles between the forces of S.A.W. and the SASR. Each match you will be randomly assigned to a team, team rebel or team S.A.W. Your goal is to take control of key points in the map. Each team must capture a certain amount of flags, and keep them controlled until a timer is done. Or the other way to win is to kill everyone on the enemy team! Simple as that! Each flag you capture grants the soldiers supplies, such as tape, juice, ammo, and a helpful amount of legendary weapons.

Mystery Mode

I haven’t really played mystery mode a lot, seeing as it’s been recently removed and I mainly play solos, but in the event it returns, here is a bit of info. Mystery Mode is a special gamemode with a couple of random fun events that are played with throughout matches.

  • Bananarama: Somehow, every caliber of bullet is replaced with bananas, making every bullet you shoot look like a banana. Plus bananas are the only throwables in the game. Now and then a banan rain will occur.
  • Shotguns & Snipers: An interesting gamemode where only Shotguns or Snipers will spawn instead of the other weapons. Plus they can be any rarity through legendary.
  • One Hit Kill: A gruesome and fast paced gamemode where every weapon eliminates it’s target with only one tap. Armor and all grenades are vaulted and the gas moves greatly faster.
  • Wild West: Every player gets to wear a cowboy hat and the only weapons are Hunting Rifles, Magnums, and banans. Each gun can be up to any rarity through legendary. Yee-haw!
  • Super Fast Bullets: You heard me right, bullets now move at 200% speed. I’d hate to be the guy who fights against a minigun in this round.
  • Super Slow Bullets: If you ever heard of or played SUPERHOT, this kind of reminds me of it. Bullets now move 50% slower, making combat different and versatile.

A side note: SVR is disabled most of the time, and sometimes comes back during huge update events. Stay tuned for more!

Welcome to Super Animal World!

Alright, you’ve finally arrived and are anew on this island. From here you are stationed at the S.A.W Welcome Center to prepare yourself before the battle begins. There is quite a few things you can do here before the deathmatch starts, so I’ll list a few here.


It’s generally a good idea to practice moving before diving head first into a bloody mess, right? Move around the area using the standard gamer movement keys: WASD. Use the Spacebar to do a jump roll. Jump rolls are a great way to travel around the island if you don’t have any other means of transportation at the moment. A helpful tip is, try jumping 0.1 seconds after the first jump. It will create a super jump roll, granting a small fair bit of extra boost in your spring! You’ll notice you’re doing the jump correctly if small sparks fly as you jump.

The Shooting Gallery

Up north of the welcome center leads to a good ol’ fashioned shooting range, where you have a bit of time to practice using weapons as you wait for the match to start. Here you will be greeted with all the weapons in the game to practice on the target dummies with. A tip is try shooting in the direction the target is heading; this is a great way to test accuracy on moving targets. You should be a bit familiar with some weapons by now, lets see if you’re truly prepared for some real action now, shall we?

Welcome to your local Giant Eagle Airlines!

You and the rest of the players have now boarded the Giant Eagle, ready to drop down on the battlefield below. Use [M] to check your map for a spot to land, or, like me, go wherever the wind takes you. Look below for weapons on the ground to drop on. Just a question, you did pack a umbrella right? Well good, because now it’s time to drop.

Once you have ejected from the Eagle, search for a weapon on the ground. I’d suggest picking a spot with decent starting supplies that you can see, like weapons and armor nearby each other.

Helpful tip!

You can free fall by pressing [E] again, my only advice is don’t look down, well actually do look down but, e-either way just look down. You can press [E] again to grab that umbrella again to glide once more. Try free falling to the ground, then pulling out the umbrella at the last second. This will make it so that you arrive safely on the ground without fracturing your bones.

If you do crash down, you might break a few ribs and a femur or two in the process, and somehow you still survive. Just walk it off and find a gun.

Looting on the move

While you are on your adventure, you must look for necessary supplies or better weapons. Search through abandoned houses, tents, fields, and shipping containers for better and stronger loot.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for Rebel Supply Caches. These are red crates of small treasure troves placed everywhere on the island by secret SASR operatives. You can tell where they are if you hear a faint siren sound.

Helpful tip!

Living off the land? Well no worries! Get out your melee weapon and wack/slash at the grass. The grass can grant you a variety of decent supplies, such as any form of ammunition, bananas, and health juice cans. Also, break apart any crates you find, there is a chance you will find ammo as well as grenades and super tape!

Firearms and How to Use Them

So you’ve managed to find yourself a gun eh? Well from my experience I will say this: Shoot smarter, not harder. Go with whatever arsenal you prefer out here, as long as it can kill. Accuracy is quite the big deal when it comes to getting kills more effectively. Focus on your target and the direction they’re moving. Try to calculate when the bullet is going to fly and aim in the direction they’re heading. Also try moving in random directions while also chasing your opponent, to dodge any incoming bullets, never stand still unless you know what you are doing.

Here I will list the weapons currently in the game, for a better understanding.


Standard Melee Weapon

“Any survivor out there is gonna need a decent melee weapon for both utility, and a desperate way to attack if necessary. Melee attacks can penetrate right through armor dealing some decent damage to the targets body. Plus, any melee is lightweight to carry, granting you a better amount of movement speed than any other weapon if equipped. Use it as an advantage to escape, or combine it with your guns to whiz past bullets and keep shooting while switching.”


The Pistol

“A standard M1911 handgun, capable of close to mid range combat. Standard 10 round 9mm magazine. Fast selective rate of semi fire, and good for quick movement while fighting. Can be paired with another pistol of different or same rarity for duel wielding, enhancing combat with 10 more rounds and a higher rarity to epic if you find an epic pistol to combine with.”

The Magnum

“A effictive heavy Taurus Revolver, capable of heavy damage and long range effectiveness. Standard magazine size of 6 9mm Lugar rounds. Slightly slow rate of semi fire, perfect for mid range heavy damage and armor penetration. Easy to find, and my personal favorite along my many journeys out in the field.”

The Slienced Pistol

“A flashy remake of the standard M1911, complete with suppressor and extra 2+ round magazine. Does more damage and a definite need-to-have if you are pairing with a fast firing secondary firearm. Sadly, you cannot duel wield these together.”

The Deagle

“A comical iconic weapon, and a better upgrade of the magnum. 8 round magazine of .50 heavy caliber bullets. Does a fair bit more damage than the usual magnum, but comes with a catch. The beak attached to the barrel emits loud screeches upon unholstering, reloading, and firing this weapon. Be cautious with its sound if you are attempting a stealth run.”

Submachine Guns


“A fast full auto firing HK UMP 45 machine gun, with short range and magazine size of 25 .45 ACP rounds. Versatile in close range combat scenarios, and lightweight enough for a good amount of movement speed.”

The Drum Gun (Thomas Gun)

“A impressive Thompson submachine gun engineered by my good mate Thomas Sleddison. Same firerate as the SMG, with a magazine size of 40 .45-caliber rounds. A perfect weapon for all types of Supers.”


The Bow

“Above all other strange things I’ve seen in my life, this is one of them. Thomas has, weaponized birds? A question for another time. The bow is well, a bow. It can be armed with a Sparrow, a combination of a sparrow and an.. arrow.. huh. Drawing back the bowstring will slow you down, so be sure to keep jumping along to move quicker. Best used when aiming in the direction the target is moving. Also, being pesky birds, Sparrows are able to distinctly mark the hit target for a period of time, interesting.”

The Crossbow (Sparrow Launcher)

“One of my recent favorite weapons, also made by Thomas. It is a crossbow with a ammo capacity of 4.. Sparrow bolts? Guess Thomas now made crossbow bolts connected to the sparrows I guess. Heh, talk about ‘Live Ammunition’. Anyways, the Crossbow is great for repeating Sparrow shots without being slowed down. Functions just like the dart gun. Plus adds a bigger amount of more damage than the standard bow.”

Assault Rifles

The AK-47

“A well rounded automatic assault rifle. Capable of any situation referring to both mid or long range combat. Has a magazine size of 30 7.62x39mm rounds. I recommend this one for any newcomer on the island as a starter weapon. Trust me, it helps.”

The M16

“My favorite assault rifle available. Basically a heavier, buffed version of the AK-47. Standard issue combat rifle of S.A.W. Security Forces. Does decently more damage than the AK. Magazine size of 30 5.56mm caliber rounds. Good for decent to long range combat.”


The Shotgun

“A Franchi SPAS-12 with the stock removed. Perfect for close quarters combat, with a good mid range bullet spread. Magazine size of 5 12 gauge buckshot rounds. Effective for camping strategies.”

The Jag-7

“A lovely MAG-7 shotgun with a colorful design pattern. Lighter than the SPAS, so perfect for charging against the enemy at increased speeds. Unlike the SPAS-12, it adds a +2 magazine size for a total of 7 12 gauge buckshot shells.”

Sniper Rifles

The Hunting Rifle

“An effective Winchester break action rifle. Deals great damage and long range. Magazine size of only 1 .32 Winchester cartridge. Only suffers from a delay when reloading and heaviness. Best paired with grenades. And, being a sniper rifle, crouching zooms out as you look into the scope, for an extra boost of visibility, as well as breaking 3 ticks of armor in a single shot.”

The Sniper Rifle

“A promising M110 SASS with a magazine size of 5 7.62x51mm cartridges. Good for a frontal assault, as long as your accuracy is up to date, since Snipers are a bit less accurate after 1 shot. Best used to weaken opponents, both armor and health.”

Other Weapons

The Minigun

“As a sandwich loving Russian heavy weapons specialist once said: ‘It costs 400,000 dollars to fire this weapon, for twelve seconds.’ The Minigun is a lethal M134 Rotary Machine Gun, capable of dealing large amounts of damage with a very fast firerate. It has a magazine size of 100 7.62mm cartridges. It is recommended to have strong muscles when using the weapon for better lifting. The Minigun suffers from it’s weight, degrading movement speed, and it’s large amount of ammo required to reload it to full.”

Dogna’s Dart Gun

“My colleague has recently re-engineered the Dart Gun to have a healing effect if shot at a teammate. The Dart Gun seems to be a hunting weapon from the past of Super Animal Island, able to shoot poisonous darts and inflict damage on the target for a short amount of time. If one were to make three darts hit their mark on the target, the target is surely marked for death without proper healing treatments.”

Please note that the names of ammo were written to give a realistic point of view. The actual ammo types are:

  • Pistols: Small Bullets, Magnum And Deagle: Big Bullets, Smgs: Small Bullets, Assault Rifles: Big Bullets, Archery: Sparrows, Snipers: Sniper Bullets, Minigun: Small Bullets, Dart Gun: Darts.

Understanding Powerups

In the game there are a variety of items you can pick up that have a great impact on how you play the match. Let me go over a few.

Golden Cupgrade

A health juice cup made of gold. It increases the speed of your average drinking rate up to 25%. Best used in desperate healing situations.

Skunk Gas Vial

A very helpful vial of Skunk Gas you can carry like a necklace. It increases movement speed in skunk gas and skunk bombs by 25%. While also reducing the amount of damage you get from them by 10%.

Banana Forker

A unique upgrade, allowing you to eat bananas on the ground for a decent amount of 25% health. Unfortunately, you can’t eat rotten bananas (the brown ones). A way to make bananas rot is to put them in skunk gas. Pretty effective if a spot or doorway is blocked off with bananas, so munch away.

Ninja Booties

A perfect addition to anyone willing to take the stealth option. They make walking sounds 50% quieter, crouching 12% faster, and make crouch-rolling have no sound at all.

Claw Boots

Basically portable lawnmowers for your feet. Cuts through grass and increases the loot drop chance of grass x2. Also is sturdy enough to make you not slip or slide on ice.

Firsthand Combat

Listen here pal, this place may seem cute at first, but it is a harsh world of unforgiving, with each inhabitant wishing us dead. You’re gonna have to obey the rule of ‘Kill or be killed’ if you want to survive better. So, with my original military styled training, I will teach you a few techniques (perks).

Full Auto

If you are using a semi-firing weapon, (In this case Pistols) rapidly fire the weapon up close to your target, dealing massive amounts of damage, then take a bit of cover to reload/re-armor. (Also use Full Auto with a shotgun up close to a target, well done with sneak attacks.)

Taking Cover

When you’re in a fight, it’s best not to get hit so many times, honestly. You’d spend more time refreshing your health and armor than you do with actual combat. A fair way to not get hit too much is to search for active cover, such as behind a nearby wall, inside a shipping container, behind a conveniently shaped lamp post, or just behind a stack of crates. With this, you have a short time to reload or repair that armor. Try to avoid corners with explosive barrels, because the enemy might try to improvise.

Also, if the enemy lobs a grenade at you, it’s best to stay a decent amount far away. I’d recommend 2 or 3 meters away.

What’s Recoil?

Basically a sniper strategy, but can be used for most weapons. I personally need to use more time practicing with snipers for more updated tips, but for now this is one of them. You’ll notice that many of the weapons have these two vertical lines behind the crosshair, and that when firing causes them to split apart evenly. That’s the recoil system in the game, and causes the bullets to fire in random directions. The recoil will stop after a very short period of time (the longest time is Snipers). This strategy involves aiming at the target in between the two recoil lines behind the crosshair, increasing your chances to hit them. When used with a sniper, you’d have a 50/50 chance the target will be hit.

Aim Assist For Beginners

A very good strategy is, once again, aiming in the direction the target is heading. If the target is moving in a straight line down, up, or across, try to aim along their movement path ahead. This will insure you some decent hits, but be careful if they change their direction.

Sneak Attack

This is where the grenade meta was likely born. Basically if someone is about to move in a certain direction, lob a grenade at the area of their destination. Timing is what makes this perfect, and most times can go wrong. Throw it when they least expect it.

Another method of sneak attacks is hiding in areas where almost nobody can see you, and step right in to take the kill. Basically camping. What you want to do is hide, or move behind certain objects that cover your line of sight, such as dark leaved trees, behind billboards, or just anything that would make you less likely to be spotted.

Helpful tip!

Found a large treasure trove swimming with loot and you don’t know what to do with it? Put it to use as shady cover, making you less visible to the outside, whip out a shotgun, and blast away at the unsuspecting looter that comes close!

Warning! Bots can see you even if you are hidden in a decent spot, keep a lookout!

Rip and Tear

Going for melee only? Good luck pal, you’ll need it. Bananas are a essential way to gain melee kills. Throw some around the enemy’s movement path to get a chance to make them slip, then slash them with that sword of yours. (Kudos to @Jahvaro)

Removing Health

A few alternatives to removing mostly health from a target. A good way to do this is to use a combo of a sparrow weapon and a dart gun. The sparrow will deal damage beyond the armor, and if you hit your shots the dart gun will finish them off. You could also use just the dart gun and a few skunk bombs, but be wary as the skunk bombs will fill up large gaps, removing you of a few escape passages.

Or if you want to be an all out jerk (If you survive to the final circle(s) that is.), throw a whole lot of skunk bombs in the enemy’s path, preferably close to the skunk gas, to seal them in, making it hopeless for them to survive.

Dodging Enemy Fire

How about a defensive strategy this time? Like taking cover, I can’t promise you will have a lot of cover options most of the time as the match progresses. So you will have to dodge bullets yourself. Try running/jumping in random directions that the enemy might not be able to calculate. Provide yourself some cover fire in return to attempt to damage the enemy, just a bit.

Close and Long Range

These days when I am not doing challenges, I mostly pair myself with a combo of a long-mid range weapon and a short range weapon, preferably the AK and SMG. This way you will be able to attack the enemy head on from a safe distance, and if things get too close and personal, gun them down with a fast firing short range sidearm. Remember, you don’t have to follow these direct combos. Experiment yourself! Try using what best suits you in combat.


For those who pair themselves with weapons that deal large damage, to both armor and health (such as snipers and deagles/magnums), this is a good strategy. Use your heavy hitting weapon to strike through their armor, (preferably snipers since they delete every 3 tick of armor), then finish them off with any means necessary. You could also tear apart their armor with a fast firing SMG or Pistol clicking, but it’s optional.

Close Quarters

When you enter a room or building, you are very likely to get shot directly close to your face. Use a shotgun in buildings with lots of rooms, because the spread of pellets will definitely hit their mark on the target. But keep an eye out, there are likely lots of players inside these buildings.

The Gunslinger

My personal favorite build. Basically pair yourself with two magnums or deagles. Twice the ammo, twice the damage, twice the fun. Plus it will help you practice your accuracy a ton. Try it out.

Mole Crates

If you are an OG and remember the old Delivery Mole who gave us dropped cosmetics at the end of every match (We really miss you buddy), give yourself a pat on the back.

The Delivery Mole is an NPC that appears in random locations inside the first 2 circles of the game, granting a Mole crate containing valuable loot and supplies, such as legendary weapons, juice, tier 3 armor, tape, and grenades.

Going for mole crates is quite a risk, considering all the players going for them, but it’s honestly worth the reward, as you are definitely going to need good loot all the way to the end game.

The End Game

Well, you’ve certainly made it this far out here, I congratulate you. Now you need to outsmart and survive the last remaining players to seize a win in the game.

Effective Hunting

It’s a top notch perfect Idea to hunt down and kill the last ones remaining, so for there to be no distractions for your final fight to the death. Be careful though, as the ones you are about to face no doubt have a bit of experience, so expect a challenge. Just fight through it, and leave nothing standing.

Filling the gap

As I said before, another good way to even the odds is to preform a total jerk move. Lob a bunch of skunk bombs in the area to ensure the place is almost covered with skunk gas, and get ready to gun down any remaining players. Best used with a dart gun to finish of their remaining health and a Skunk Gas Vial to take less damage and increase your speed in the gas.

Chugging Contest of death!

In some cases, if you and the last player can’t find each other, you will be forced to drink health juice and attempt to outdrink the other player to seize victory. A good strategy is to use the Skunk Gas Vial, not the Golden Cupgrage. The reason for this is because the vial reduces gas damage by 10%, making it a fairer chance for you to win drinking against your opponent. But you could try with the cupgrade, your choosing.


Congratulations! You’ve managed to win a match! Reflect on what you did and try to do the same the next time you try to win. Remember, practice makes perfect. And thank you for reading this guide if it helped you win, you’re awesome!

Helpful Tips!

Here are a few tips I have come up with that will help you with various meanings, whether to survive longer, excel in combat, or just any old tip that will help you in some way throughout your adventure in the game.

  • You will find these giant clams on shorelines or beaches around our island. Opening them will greet you with some decent treasure, being grenades, ammo, tape, or juice.
  • Snipers and Miniguns are the heaviest weapons in the game (currently), so be sure to switch to a lighter weapon for longer travels.
  • Armor to me is a top priority. Be sure to repair armor instantly after a fight, then heal with juice. If you are wearing a tier 3 armor, try to tape up to two ticks of armor before healing, then make the final tick and continue your fight.
  • There is an in game tutorial system that you can enable! It’s quite helpful, and good enough for new players. Try it out! (I believe if new content updates come, the tutorial will be updated with info about the new features, such as the mushrooms and clams and whatnot from last update.)
  • You can redeem coupon codes for a few free cosmetics! Go into the main menu, hit ESC, and in the paws menu there should be an option to Redeem Coupon. The current codes available are: SUPERFREE, NLSS, SQUIDUP, and LOVE.

  • There are also a few holiday related codes: HOWLWEEN (redeemable during Halloween), DayOfTheDead (redeemable during Halloween), USA (redeemable during July the 4th), CANADA (redeemable during July the 1st), SUMMER (redeemable during SAR summer events), CRISPRMAS (redeemable during December), SAKURA (redeemable during April and May),
  • If you go to the mountain on the top right corner of the map, there is a cave in there. In the cave you will be greeted by a long and narrow hallway, leading to a Banan shrine. If you throw a banana on the brown pedestal in front of the shrine you will collect the ‘Praise Banan’ emote (Super Edition Only).
  • Killing developers in-game does not grant bonus XP points. (I actually did this one time, didn’t work. So stop hunting the devs, yeah you.)
  • The more time you survive, or the more kills you get in a match, you get a bit more XP , and a small chance for a random cosmetic drop rate.
  • Buying the Super Edition grants an additional x2 Carl Coin drop rate, and 1,000 S.A.W. Tickets for primed shopping. As well as access to every milestone cosmetic.
  • With a bit of friendly interaction, you’re sure to make friends in this game!
  • Low on health juice? Use a Banana Forker to eat thrown bananas for a excellent amount of returned health. You can also eat coconuts and mushrooms for health, as well as use campfires to heal!
  • Heal faster and more efficiently by chugging health juice next to an active campfire!
  • Crouching will make your movement sound much more quieter.
  • Bots are not that bright, but don’t underestimate them! They’re sure to kill you if you aren’t quick and accurate.
  • Some players might be working as a serviceable Taxi driver, so be sure to not shoot them to gain their trust if you want to be a good fare.
  • Under attack by an emu rider who turned out to not be a taxi? Well no worries! You can easily hitchhike on their ride by pressing [E], but you are at the mercy of the rider now, either they will try to kill you, or you two will form an alliance as the rider will ride you and themselves over to the circle. Maybe best to backstab them as they get off by filling them with lead, for good measure.
  • Try shooting explosive barrels if they are near a approaching player, for an added damage bonus. Be careful though, they might see what you are planning to do.
  • Try to outsmart the enemy with something unexpected, like I always do. Casually strike them here and there, then surprise attack them with a hidden sniper, or something else that’s effective like a shotgun or grenade.
  • A camping strategy is to throw bananas around a Mole Crate, to trick the looter into tripping, making them able for you to shotty them quickly.
  • Praise Banan.
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