Icarus – How to Build Doors / Windows and How to Get More Oxygen

Guide to Build Doors / Windows and Get Oxygen


  • When place a wall use the “R” button to open alternate blueprints to place door frames and window frames.
  • Then you need to build a window or door to place in the frame you just built.
  • Also just to add, fires seem to not harm your structures when placed indoors.
  • This is just a basic tutorial for now which i will most likely expand on in the future.


You can place oxcyte in your inventory next to the oxygen space and it will automatically fill your oxygen bar slowly ass needed.

  • The best way to get more oxygen is to build an oxidizer and fill it up with the oxcyte.
  • Then you just click the balloon and it will fill you up.
  • It is also much more efficent than using the mineral on its own to fill your oxygen bar.

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