Cuphead – Tips for Getting All S Grades on Expert Level

Cuphead S Grade tips a little bit.

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Journey to All S Grades

Hello dear cup fellas,
I’ve managed to make all S yesterday and I’d like to share my tips for getting this precious achievement. (although, there is no achievement for it on Steam).

There are few things you need to know how to achieve an S grade.

  • Time
    Clear the level less than 2 minutes but it doesn’t apply to every mission. (I have 2:09 S grade on Djimmi the Great, and more than 2 minutes in Inkwell Hell) 
  • HP Bonus 3/3
    Simply, don’t get hit. Doesn’t matter if you are starting a game with 3 HP or 5 HP. 
  • Parry 3/3
    You need to perform at least 3 parries. Parry every time when you can. This is the chance to reduce the clear time also. Some object doesn’t give you a parry bonus, such as the star on Sally Stageplay level. 
  • Super Meter 6/6
    If you use your special move frequently, no need to be worried about. Bear in mind, super move that consumes 5 special cards doesn’t give you 5 super meter score.

Okay, I assume we don’t need to talk about boss patterns when you are already thinking about S grades on expert level, so just few tips are here.

Some level doesn’t give you sufficient pink objects, such as Cala Maria chapter, Sally Stageplay.
Especially on Cala Maria level, if you are messed up with RNG, you will never get even 3 pink objects ever. Fingers crossed…

  • Cala Maria level… Restart the game if you can’t see the pufferfish pattern from the start. This will give you 2 or 3 pink objects and that is the only thing you can get on this level. If you can’t make 3 parries from this pattern, then just restart the level. Highly likely, you can’t finish the game within 2 minutes if you try wait for the another pufferfish pattern. 
  • Grim Matchstick level… The first phase includes a pattern which gives you 2 or 3 parrying chances. If you can’t get 3 perries from the first phase, there will be no chance to get S grade on this level. Don’t skip the first phase so quickly. Start with the pink projectile pattern is recommended. 
  • Sally Stageplay level… Start with 3 parries from the first phase. You know it is difficult to parry a pink rose from the last phase. 
  • Werner Werman level… Same as above, it is easy to get 3 parries from the start. 
  • Beppi The Clown level… Don’t skip the second phase so quickly. This is your chance to get more parries. 

To sum up, it is all about parrying ability in order to make S grades because not only it will give you more parrying score but also boost your super meter score and reduce your boss clear time apparently. Other than that will be all about your skills.

Hope this helps a little bit for your journey to get S grades.

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