Myst – How to Solve Sound Puzzle

Sound Puzzle Guide

All credit goes to Kuro!

Solve Sound Puzzle Easy

Here is an easy method, as instead of matching sounds, you match keys to solve the puzzle. At bottom I have an even easier method, but for those that don’t want that route here is what you do. Starting with number 1 in image below count all white keys and black keys leading up to number 1.

Doing the above with counting all white and black keys starting from left side you will see leading up to 1 you have 8 keys.

  • Number 2 has 20 keys.
  • Number 3 has 23 keys.
  • Number 4 has 13.
  • Number 5 has 6.

Going off the above you now want to move slider to match the number of keys corresponding to each number. Left side starts with number 1 and ends at number 5 on right.

Note: While slider is at bottom as shown, before being touched, it starts at default number 1, so left slider you want to move it to number 8, in which case you move it up 7 times to match that number.

Repeat same for last 4 keys and once complete move lever on right. If done correctly linking book will now show.

Randomized Playthrough

If playing on randomized keep in mind the number of keys will be different than my picture and solutions of course will change as number of keys will be different, but it keeps same method of counting the keys in order of the numbers as I showed you. Picture for solution can be found in the ship age book located in library.

Super Easy Method

A really easy method is to go to settings and turn on contextual subtitles, which gives practically gives answer as you interact with piano and slider. You just have to match symbols shown. Make sure to take screenshots to save time and check above in guide to know order to go in.

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