Mortal Kombat 11 – Robocop Guide

Guide to Robocop

All credit goes to LilToeNail!


The best variation Robocop has is:

  • Low Auto-9 (bf1) replaces the regular auto-9 (bf1) we use this because you get low and can duck projectiles and for the KB if you duck a high projectile and shot when you duck.
  • Terminal Strip (fdb2) replaces the Riot Shield (db2) we use this for the 50/50 im gonna talk about it later dont worry.
  • Cheva Trap (db3) replaces Shoulder Crowd Control Canon (db3) we use this for the combo and the Zoning.

Gameplan and Weaknesses

Robocop is mainly a zoner who accelerates at fullscreen. he is not that strong up close whit some really bad footsie tools and pokes. His weaknesses is his pokes. Robocops d1 is 7 frames but lacks some range. its a average d1 nothing special. D3 is unsafe you cant do a full combo on Robocop if you block d3 but you can counter poke and then jail him.

Robocop is really good because you cant d2 him. his always doing mids and throws. His mian gameplan is hes f3,2 in to db3 amp (Cheval Trap) then throw its unbreakable but you need to guess the throw at the and its 30%. If you guess wrong Robocop has a KB on his throw so next time he does the combo on you its 45% damage. you mix the f3 up with hes command grab fdb2 (Termenal Strip) its a 11 frame grab so you need to guess if hes gonna do the command grab or the mid.

If you land the command grab and amp it your opponent is a good zoning distance. your zoning gameplan is that you use your db3 (Cheval trap) then use your bf2 (cobra canon ) because it has crazy pushback so you just puch them in yo your spikes. And when they move in you use you bf1 (Low Auto-9) for the chip. If you land your command grab and then do what i said you gonna get like 30% chip when the opponent closed the gap.

Best Buttons and Strings

Robocop lacks variety in hes moves but the best strings you can use is f3,2 (serve the public trust) its a 10 frame mid and its -6 on block. Then you have his f212 (i’d buy that for a dollar!) its a mid and ends with a overhead. it has a KB on counterhit or punish its 27% flat damage it means that the opponent cant break away. But thats it for hes strings. Robocops best buttons is d4 it has crazy range but its unsafe and very slow it has a 15 frame start up and -19 on block but if you space it correctly then its very hard to punish maybe even imposible. His sweep (b4) crazy range and very good.

Combos/Anti Airs

Robocop basically dosent have any combos but here are the few combos he has:

  • f32, db3 amp, throw (30%).
  • f3, db1 amp, f32, fdb2 (30%; ani air).
  • f32, fatal blow (40%).
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