Unturned – How to Kill Acid, Burner and Regular Zombies

This guide will help you destroy a mass amount of these zombie types while staying on 100% health the entire time (if executed correctly)! Keep in mind this is from my experience, not everything will be correct.

How to Kill Acid, Burner and Regular Zombies while Staying on 100% Health!

How to kill regular zombies (crawling, crouching, standing)

As a zombie is approaching you, walk up and attack it. Quickly back away, and go back for another hit before the zombie can move. Since you are not staying in the same area, the zombie can’t attack you as when you move back you will be out of range. Keep doing this correctly and you will stay on 100% health the entire time, the zombie being unable to attack as it doesn’t have a long enough time gap to hit you before you retreat after your attack.

How to kill acid zombies

Get the acid zombie to puke at you. Dodge out of the way, then, before it does it again, go around the back of it and attack it as many times as you can before it pukes again. Keep doing this to do a good amount of damage, in the end killing it.

How to kill burner zombies

You will need a long range weapon, as getting to close can burn you and cause you to take damage. All I can say is shoot it, not really a better explanation than that.

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