The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Best Build for Death March

Best Build for Death March

Combat Tree

  • Strength Training 5/5 (Increases your Strong Attack damage).
  • Arrow deflection 1/3 (Always hold down Parry during a human fight).

General Tree

  • Sun and Stars 1/1 (health refills slowly).

Combat Tree

  • Resolve 2/5 (Decreases Adrenaline point loss).
  • Crushing Blows 5/5 (Greatly increase Strong Attack Crit. hit & dmg).
  • Undying 5/5 (Revives you if you have a Adrenaline Point, very useful).
  • Fleet footed, 2/5 (Decrease dmg taken whilst dodging).
  • Rend 5/5 (Increases Crit. hit chance & dmg).
  • Fleet footed 5/5
  • Resolve 5/5
  • Crippling Strikes 5/5 (Adds bleeding to Fast Attack, very useful).

Signs Tree

  • Exploding Shield 3/3 (Knocks back enemies after Shield breaks).
  • Delusion 3/3 (Stun enemies for longer).
  • Puppet 3/3 (Stunned enemy becomes an ally, used for a trophy).

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