Ragnarock – Mapping Songs with Edda

Edda is a program designed for mapping songs in Ragnarock. It was created to provide a better user experience for mappers (in comparison to MMA2). This guide will go through the basics.

What is Edda?

Edda is a program that lets you make beatmaps for Ragnarock.

Unlike MMA2, Edda is built for (and only for) Ragnarock mapping. This means that:

  • Maps are faster and easier to set up.
  • No Beat Saber mapping knowledge is required.
  • No .dat file editing is needed.

Installing Edda

You will need Windows 10 to run Edda.

  • The latest release can be found on GitHub.

Each release comes with two .zip files – download the larger one (that is not marked with NoRuntime).

Extract the .zip to a folder and open Edda.exe to get started.

Using Edda

To create a new map, click the “New Map” button in the toolbar on the top.

Choose a folder for your map to go in, select a .ogg Vorbis song file, and you’re ready to get started.

In the left and right sidebars you can:

  • Fill out map information (such as song name and environment)
  • Add a cover image
  • Generate a preview audio file to be played in-game
  • Specify medal distances
  • Set your song’s BPM (including any BPM changes) and more.

You can add notes by left-clicking on the editing grid in the middle.

Drag to select multiple notes, and hold Shift to add to a selection.

The usual delete, copy, cut, paste, undo and redo operations are supported with their normal keyboard shortcuts.

To add multiple difficulties, use the right sidebar. Edda will sort and arrange them automatically for you.

Bookmarks can be added in the navigational waveform on the right using Ctrl-B. They can be renamed by double-clicking on them.

Written by PKBeam

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  1. Ugh, I love that its made for Rag, But this is way more of a pain to do. The nots overlap so much you cant click on some of them. When you do you cant select the note you need. And have to delete them. And the way they overlap? It has no pattern and after you make a change, a not can become completely burried. No way to click on it. So if you are selected…. this breaks it. Nice start, but other than the UI being better, it took me 3X as long to get literally nothing done.

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