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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money?

  • So right, you can’t sell wood. How do I make easy dosh? Before you tackle the daunting task of stimulating the economy, make some dough by using the coinpress!

Pictured: The Coinpress in the Neutral territory. There’s one in every major faction city.

This funny little dude is the coinpress in which you’ll stand next to it and give it a little left-click. It’ll open a small menu alongside your inventory. Drag whatever ingots you’ve created into the “in” slot and click “mint”.

How do I make Ingots?

  • On your hotbar there’s a Crafts menu. Open up smelting. Grab the requisite materials and stand next to a furnace to craft ingots. Go crazy! There’s no such thing as inflation in Lego City! Use these ingots to make money or to make money…

I found out coal ingots don’t work.

How do I change my text color?

  • Typing /quotecolor #(Hexdecimal) should do the trick.
  • Like, /quotecolor #00087C for a funny little blue! Something like that.

How do I farm? Plots? Can people steal my crops?

  • So basically, there are public plots and personal plots when you buy houses.

Farmland looks like this:

Simply buy seeds, right-click the seeds in your inventory, click use, and your cursor will change. Left click on an empty plot while standing next to it and you have your first sproutling. It’s like RPing Stardew Valley except your grandpa isn’t dead! Or maybe he is, idk what your backstory is. All you gotta do after that is wait.

Can anyone other than you harvest your crops in public fields?

  • …Yes, sadly. However!

Crops do not require irl days to grow. It takes just under an hour, actually.

It’s also worth noting if you, for whatever reason, feel like prematurely destroying your crop, a quick right-click does the job. So be careful if you don’t want to destroy your sprouts.

How to add folks to a party?

  • I am pretty sure it’s Alt+Left-click a person. 

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