Serin Fate – Jungle Puzzle Solution

Jungle Puzzle Guide

The puzzle isn’t actually that bad once you figure out the main mechanic.

The Sun and Moon tiles swap which direction the light turns if it swaps from Sun to Moon, BUT, it’s always based on the cardinal direction the light is moving. I.E… In my game, sun turned the light left, and multiple suns in a row keep turning it left, but if the next tile is a moon, it will turn right. In that instance, if the light is moving east, a left turn moves it north. If the star is heading north, then a left turn moves it west.

The star is a passthrough tile, so it will retain the previous direction for the next tile unless it changes from Sun to Moon or vice versa. You need to arrange the tiles so that you don’t have too many shifting directions because of the grid constraints. I used a bunch of circular turning with suns and counter circular turns with moons so it didn’t run off the grid.

The light always starts from the central swirl tile, and in my game started heading east.

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