PGA TOUR 2K21 – True Legend Achievement Guide

Method of Play

All credit goes to NeoKnightwulfe!

1. Keep the Guest Player Balls behind your Ball and as close as possible at all times. Three Practice shots to collect swing data makes for a much more prepared shot for your character.

2. If your proficiency off the Tee and along the fairway is substantially better than your putting, play on an Official Course where the greens are level, and smaller in size, with as few surprises as possible. (I have read the Boston course is pretty good in this respect.)

3. If your character is three, or less, over par after nine holes continue to the back nine. A Four stroke deficit, or more, would be a real challenge to bounce back from. Restart if you find yourself in that situation. If your character is three over after fifteen holes, finish the round. A three over par round will not damage the handicap rating all that much, and three over par, as a Legendary Player, is pretty dang good!

4. The numbers are in your favor! My brother plays PGA TOUR 2K21 because the game is relaxing, a point on which we both agree! The visuals are lovely, and Family Time is always a treat! Once you complete all the other achievements in the game, setup your character to play Legendary all the time (even if you’re just winding down before lights out.) Enough Play Time under your belt and you’ll get the Legendary Achievement.

Clubhouse – Setup


Guest Players

These folks are ALWAYS ready to hit the links! You have them along to help your character off the tee and illuminate the ‘Lay-of-the-Land’ once you reach the nice, green patches with the cute flags.

In The Bag

Driver: HB Studios HBS XX-V A5 or Ben Hogan GS53, Woods: HB Studios HBS XX-V A5 (3 and 5 Woods), Irons: Ben Hogan Fort Worth Black (4 through 9), Pitching Wedge: HBS Classic F58, Wedges: TheGolfClub TGC CV Master (3 Wedges), Putter: Callaway Triple Track Ten (Looks Cool!)

Guest Players – Off The Tee

Dress for Success! Your Character, and the Guest Players should be outfitted with the same style trouser or skirt before heading out to the links. (Ideally, all of them should be the same physical size as well. Mirror images of each other, so to speak.)

Lining up a shot, around a blind dogleg off the tee is (how can I put this) DIFFICULT in Legendary Difficulty! Your first round of golf should include some paper and pencil, (Old School), or some electronic recording device (Voice-to-Text maybe…your call!)

What your character does at the tee box during the first round is not that important. The Guest Players, however, are going to be a wealth of information for any subsequent rounds! That forty-five-degree dogleg par 4 is almost reachable by the Guest Players off the tee! Position them facing this direction, Elevate the shot a bit to clear those low branches at the corner, Shot Shape the snot out of it and Guest1 is ready to go! (Your characters shot ended up in the Deep Rough…again…)

Once you have the Guest1 Player lined up to take the shot, look at their butt! Their butt, or some feature at their waist, is going to be in front of some aspect of the surrounding course. (A tree, a clump of grass, a building, shadows, something that will always be there no matter which character is swinging the club.) Jot down how these two relate to each other, ‘The butt lines up with the skyline peeking through the large tree located between that small, dark tree and the base of that hillside.’ Next, look at the Shot Shaping Indicator for Guest1’s tee shot.

The Shot Shaping indicator that we’re interested in is one closest to the center of the screen, off to the right. The ‘Back-Spin’ Indicator, further to the right, is seldom modified with the ‘NO WIND’ conditions setup earlier. It’s that terrific ‘Banana Ball’ hook and slice feature (used all the frig’n time!) that we will be looking at.

The pointer for the Shot Shaping Indicator utilizes a Capital L inside of a Circle which slides over the stationary Swing Plane Graphic behind it. Use the Capital L or the outside edge of the Circle in conjunction with the static Swing Plane Graphic as a shot shaping map. For instance, you might line up the Vertical bar of the Capital L with the outside edge of the grey static Swing Plane Graphic or fit the entire Circle into the same grey area to reduce the amount of shaping applied. This technique should aide your character to dial-in the same settings as the Guest Players used to get close to the green during the previous round.

So, jot down those Butt and Shot Shaping Indicator mappings and replicate those Birdy and Eagle approach shots for your Legendary character too! (Of course, you must hit the ball well…that’s on you though! CALIBRATE THAT SWING before heading out Dude or Dudette!)

On The Green

Your putting ability will ultimately determine whether you get the Achievement or fail. You may be able to pop this one the first time around without any practice at the Legendary Difficulty Level. If you do, immediately (DO NOT DELAY) invest in a MEGA-MILLIONS Lotto Ticket! One ticket should suffice considering the sheer amount of LUCK oozing out of you!

If your ball is on the green, place as many of the guest player balls behind your ball to dial-in your putt. Guest scores are unimportant. Putt their balls behind your ball leaving at least one shot available before reaching the stroke maximum.

Captain Obvious says, “If your Targeting Distance is Less than the distance to the actual Target (the Pin), your putt is rolling downhill. A Targeting Distance Greater than the actual target…you’re putting uphill!”

The images that follow are triangulated hole-to-ball locations for this course. One of the most appealing aspects of this Official Course are the short Par 4 and Par 5 holes. The included images attempt to map the slope of the green to the hole from each ball located around the pin.

(These suggestions can be applied to any of the Official Course listings. Use this one or pick one more suited to your play style.)

TPC Southwind

First Hole

Second Hole

The A and B locations were much closer, by several yards, to the edge of the green.

Third Hole

The A location was much closer, by several yards, to the edge of the green.

Fourth Hole

The A location was much closer, by several yards, to the edge of the green.

Fifth Hole

The A location was much closer, by several yards, to the edge of the green.

Sixth Hole

Seventh Hole

The A and B locations are much closer, by several yards, to the edge of the green.

Eighth Hole

The A and B locations are much closer, by several yards, to the edge of the green.

Ninth Hole

The A and B locations are much closer, by several yards, to the edge of the green.

Tenth Hole

Eleventh Hole

The A, B and C locations are much closer, by several yards, to the edge of the green.

Twelfth Hole

Thirteenth Hole

Fourteenth Hole

A very difficult putting challenge here!

Fifteenth Hole

Another difficult putting challenge here!

Sixteenth Hole

Seventeenth Hole

Eighteenth Hole

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