Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – The Crusader’s Guide to Reading

A brief explanation of how to read books and the benefits you’ll get from them.

How to Read (and Why You Should)

You can get certain benefits from some of the books in-game but only if you open the book itself (hovering over the book and reading it won’t work).

  • Right-click on the book and then click on info:

  • The book entry will pop up in a new screen:

  • If you exit your inventory, you might get a note that you learnt something new. If so, check out your feats and see what you’ve learnt:

So far I’ve found 5 books which have given me small bonuses, they’re listed below. I’ll add more as and when I come across them. These bonuses only apply to the main character.

  • Tome of the Minotaur: Sermons from the Labyrinth – +1 bonus to glaive attack and damage
  • “Terendelev, the Guardian of Kenabres” – +1 morale bonus to AC against dragons
  • “The Keen Edge of Truth: Recollections and Admissions of an Inquisitor of Asmodeus” – +1 competence bonus on saving throws against swarms
  • “Temples of Iomedae: Father Lorian’s Guide for Neophytes” – +1 shield bonus to AC against demons
  • Guino Pollen, “Notes from My Travels in Northern Avistan” – +1 competence bonus to attacks and damage on all natural attacks


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