Destiny 2 – Atlas Skews Locations (Week 3)

Where to Find All Atlas Skews – Week #3

Rheasilva Secluded Statue

This one’s top right of the Rheasilva load zone, You’ll have to jump across to the cliff its on.

Rheasilvia Lower Level

This one’s down on the same elevation as the lost sector, Very easy to stumble across.

Rheasilvia Temple Overlook

This one’s next to one of the corsair patrol venders just outside the temple jump up to it.

Harbinger Sidehall Statue

From the previous entry head into the Harbinger’s Seclude and follow the path, Images should guide you.

Harbinger Ahamkara Skulls

Same zone as the previous entry just follow the path deeper in and drop down the elevator.

Go say hi to Muninn and Huginn while you’re there.

Locations are easy as always, Temple overlook had us looking around for a minute though.

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