Total War: Warhammer II – Definitive Gotrek and Felix Guide

This guide explains Warhammer II game mechanic regarding Gotrek and Felix. How they spawn, how they come back, how they get their traits, how gotrek experience works and more.

Ultimate Guide to Gotrek and Felix


I wrote this guide since i wasn’t able to find the detailed info about them. This guide is written based on scripted and pack file game data, my testing and gameplay experience.

How They Spawn and How to Recruit?

If you got Gotrek and Felix free LC enabled they spawn as soon as you build 1’st level tavern when playing as Empire, Dwarfs or the Bretonnia factions. To recruit them you need to send your lord or hero to their location where they appeared. After that you get the dilemma if you want to recruit them or not.

If you choose to recruit them, short animation appears and Gotrek with Felix (embedded in Gotrek’s arm)y spawns right next to your character with full movement points. (Be careful not to change their stance to “underway” as they will lose all their action points for that turn.)

They cost no upkeep and they don’t rise your army upkeep (supply lines).

If you choose not to recruit them, they will stay on that point on the map until you change your mind.

Some Basics

As mentioned before they are free of upkeep and don’t add to the supply lines (upkeep penalty for new army). They both have their own unique passive and active abilities that are straight forward and shouldn’t need any explaining. They get no skill tree so you cant buff them or your army with skill points gained from lvel-ups.

Both of them are immortal but since they have no skill points they are very susceptible to agent actions and Felix can’t even make any.

They are excellent addition to the player at the beginning of the campaign when you struggle to finance one army and often need to be at 2 places at the same time.

Spawning Times

  • Every time Gotrek and Felix spawn they are newly created characters.
  • They are with the player for 30 turns and 20 turns when they spawn for the AI. After that the game kills them so they lose all items, traits and xp.
  • After their departure from the player there is 10 turns global cooldown when they are gone. After that the game assignes them randomly (but in fact they are created again from scratch) to any Bretonnia, Empire or Dwarf AI faction for 20 turns.
  • Then, again, 10 turn cooldown kicks in and after that they become available to recruit for the player again via event. But again, they are newly created so they have no traits and items if/that they had the previous time player had them.
  • And again cycle continues…

In short: Player gets them when he builds 1’st lvl tavern, keeps them for 30 turns and gets them again after 30 turns.

Keep Gotrek & Felix Indefinitely

There is a way to keep them indefinitely as an exploit (cheat or cheese whatever u like).

The trick is to save the game at the beginning of the turn when they leave (before event shows) and then just reload that save. The game will forget to remove them latter and you will keep them forever.

How to do it?

If you are playing on Legendary difficulty it’s super-easy as the game is saved automatically at the start of the turn so you just reload a game after they leave.

On other difficulties you need to spam “CTL+S” (quick save) just at the end of the end turn. It might not work in first try but you can always reload autosave and try again.

Experience Mechanic


When Gotrek is created the game assigns 30 turns lasting effect to his army (force) that makes Gotrek share his Exp with all other lords.

In reality Gotrek keeps 1% of his gained exp and 99% is evenly distributed to all other Lords that are alive (it also applies to dismissed lords that are recruitable).


  • Gotrek wins a fight with “Close/Decisive victory” => that’s 1000 exp.
  • Gotrek keeps 10 exp.
  • 990 exp / with the number of alive Lords.

So if you have other 3 lords everyone will get 330 xp


It’s very useful at the beginning of the campaign (when you have only one lord) to keep him as reinforcing army (Reinforcing army gets half exp). So your main lord gets 50% more xp.

Losing the EXP effect

Gotrek and Felix can gain levels but they are useless to them because they have no skill tree and the level on it’s own means nothing.

Gotrek can lose his xp sharing effect in 2 ways:

  • The effect has 30 turns timer and if you use the exploit to keep G&F indefinitely you will keep them but Gotrek will no longer share his xp.
  • Since the effect is bound to force, if Gotrek’s army gets wiped and the effect is lost. When you recruit Gotrek again he will not have that effect.

It’s possible that Gotrek dies in battle but army is not wiped, in that case any other lord that replaces him gets that effect.

Gotrek & Felix Personal Traits Mechanic

Both of them have their personal traits that they get, but they are linked to the number of times they are recruited.

Gotrek traits

  • I. Foe Seaker, Melee Attack +10, Melee Defence +10
  • II. Foe Seaker, Melee Attack +20, Melee Defence +20, Ward save +10%
  • III. Deadly Onslought, Melee Attack +30, Melee Defence +30, Ward save +20%

Felix traits

  • I. Foe Seaker, Melee Attack +10, Melee Defence +10
  • II. Foe Seaker, Melee Attack +20, Melee Defence +20, Ward save +10%
  • III. Deadly Onslought, Melee Attack +30, Melee Defence +30, Ward save +20%

So both effects are the same.

How to get them?

Every time after the first time they spawn the new set of traits unlocks (the first time that you get them, they can’t get any traits). So on the second time you recruit them they get the first trait, third time you get them the second trait unlocks and so on..

Keep in mind

There is a bug where they don’t get their traits when they spawn so they must die to trigger it. Also keep in mind that Gotrek loses his XP sharing effect if his whole army is wiped out, so it’s better not to lose them both if they are solo in Gotrek’s army.

Written by Jacksha

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