Tomes and Quests: a Word RPG – Overcoming Tough Battles Guide

Having a tough time in battles? Read through these tips to make your life easier!

Guide to Overcoming Tough Battles

Elements (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

If you went into a battle and didn’t win, the first thing you might want to do is switch up your lineup of classes. Each opponent has an element, and each hero class has an element, and certain elements are more vulnerable or strong than others in those match-ups.

  • Fire beats Ice.
  • Ice beats Earth.
  • Earth beats Lightning.
  • Lightning beats Necro.
  • Necro beats Fire.

Upgrading Equipment

  • If switching your class to get the right Element advantage isn’t enough, you might need to upgrade your equipment.
  • Finding multiple copies of a same weapon or armor allow you to Upgrade it.
  • Upgrading equipment improves its base stat (damage or health) as well as unlocks an ability
  • Rare items have one ability, Epic items two, and Legendary items have three!
  • There is a minimum level requirement for the equipment’s class to be able to upgrade it, so you might need to go back and grind easier battles with a new class to be able to upgrade it.

Beware, when you are earning additional stars on a same battle, your opponents are upgrading too!

  • Tip: Later battles earn you better odds of rarer equipment.
  • Tip2: The more stars already earned on a battle, the tougher the opponents but also the better the odds of a rarer reward!

Buffs and Debuffs

  • Hero equipment and upgraded opponents have abilities.
  • Some of these abilities can give you a buff (positive) or a debuff (negative).
  • Specific buffs counter specific debuffs and vice-versa, so you might want to switch your equipment to counteract your opponent’s strategy (to remove their buffs on themselves or cancel debuffs they put on your heroes).

Here are the counters:

  • Regeneration vs. Wound.
  • Power vs. Weaken.
  • Toughness vs. Brittle.
  • Dispel can also remove any Buff, while Cleanse can remove any Debuff.

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