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Guide to Limbo


Limbo is the name given by humanity to the so-called “death realm”, or, in other words, where humans believe they go when they die. It’s incredibly difficult to say whether or not this is fact, but wizardly sources strongly suggest it as a possibility. It’s also believed, though, that Limbo is not a “true” afterlife, and only serves as a boundary between the living and whatever the true beyond is. Fortunately, human culture hasn’t pushed this concept excessively; most are sated without exact knowledge of what it is that awaits them post-intermediary.

Scholars have for decades conflated Limbo with the Elemental Plane of Essence, thinking them to be one and the same. More modern research has led to the belief that Limbo is not, in fact, even remotely related to Essence, as an aspect, element, or plane. It is now instead considered to be a plane all its own, and is often deemed the sixth and final Elemental Plane. Whether this is exact truth remains to be seen.

Mechanical Limbo

Speaking purely from the perspective of the player (for now), Limbo is- literally- the death realm. When your character dies, no matter the circumstances, their soul departs from their body and arrives in Limbo. Here, you can remain sapient and lively for as long as you desire. This could theoretically be thousands of eternities, but it’s more likely to be within the general span of a few minutes to a few months. You gain nothing from staying longer aside from personal benefit, of course… but nothing is lost, either.

When you finally opt to depart through the process of Rebirth, you “die” a second time and your character is permanently deleted. This isn’t all bad, though, and doesn’t just free up one of your four character slots. By rebirthing, you gain 1/10th of your accumulated levels as Rebirth Tokens, which you can use to buy a future character cosmetics of all sorts- assuming you died above level 30, that is.

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