Life is Strange: True Colors – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements


There are a total of 40 achievements. It is a mix of story-related, collectibles, and side-missions. If you are using my guide, you can just scroll down as you gain each achievement as I will go in order of when you should unlock them.

You only need 1 playthrough but if you did happen to miss an achievement, the chapter select in this game is very forgiving. There is a replay option that doesn’t go over your current save and made just for achievement hunting.

Chapter 1: A-Side

Scene: “I’m Okay” – 2 Memories

A Letter to Riley

  • You will find this as soon as you enter your new apartment with Gabe. You can grab this before you start unpacking. Look to the desk across from the bed and there is a letter on there.


  • Right after the letter to Riley, turn around and go towards the exit. Across from the arcade cabinet there is a crack in the wall near the floor.

Scene: “First Day on the Job” 1 Memory

Officer Fish

  • This memory is right when you head downstairs from the apartment and into the bar. (The next scene). Go behind the bar, there is a business card. 

Scene: 2 Memories

Head Count

  • On the mine chapter. Before heading into the mine, look to the left of Gabe and Ryan. There is a helmet on the ground by some mine carts.


  • Once you’re inside the building, turn around and face the door. To the left of the door is the phone.

Emotional Enthusiast

  • This achievement is unlocked when you find all Chapter 1 memories.

Chapter 1 Unmissable Story Achievement

I Thought I Could Hunt The Monster

  • This will unlock with the end of Chapter 1, Side A.

Chapter 2: Lanterns

Scene: “Tracking Down Mac” 5 Memories, 2 Missions

Time For Something New

  • After the foosball game, head upstairs to the roof. You will find the button in-between some plants. Since it’s pretty small, if you can’t find it use your power and it will glow blue.


  • Head all the way downstairs into the bar after getting the button. By the red exit door an the bathrooms in the back of the bar is an Umbrella.

No Handouts

  • In the same room, behind the bar farthest from the main entrance there is a rent check.

Bird Spotting (Mission)

  • When you leave the bar, go across the street to the park. You will see a lady named ‘Birdwatcher’. Use your power to see what she needs. Once you do that, (if you’re facing the lady and she’s facing you) make a left to the wooden building. There is a tree behind this building. Go up and just look at the bird and Alex will say “maybe i should let my bird friend know”. Go back to the birdwatcher and let her know the bird is there.

Found Dog (Mission)

  • Go into the record store. You will see a guy in a white hoodie. Use your power to see what he needs. After this, go up to the bulletin board across from the cash register and look at it. Once you do this, go back to the hoodie guy and speak to him.

Pro Tip

  • Go into the dispensary. In the back, behind the counter there are gummies on the shelf.

Team Chomp-bot

  • In the flower shop. There is a blue bookshelf with an open door. The shirt is in the open cupboard.

Amateur Archaeophile

  • This is unlocked when you find all the memory collectibles in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 Unmissable Story Achievement

Something You Build

  • This is unlocked when you complete Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal

Scene: It’s a Simple Plan 1 Memory, 1 Mission

Hell Divers

  • Right when you start Chapter 3, in the bar; Go right back to where you found the umbrella from Chapter 2 by the bathrooms and red exit door. There is a bomber jacket hanging up.

Earworm Squasher

  • In the same area, across from the bar, you will see a Girl Student sitting at a table. Read her mind to find out she wants to hear a specific song that isn’t being played anymore. After you do this, go to Jed who is sitting at a table by the entrance and ask him. Then go to Steph & Ryan who are sitting at the bar and ask them. Steph will mention the name of the song. Go back to Jed and he will tell you it’s behind the bar. Go grab the record and put it in the jukebox, then find the song and play it. It’s called Alabaster Daydreams by Think of the Children with an splatted ink cover. 

Scene: Thaynor, Monster Slayer. 4 Memories

Ethan’s Dollar

  • After your fight with the wolf in the LARP event, look on the ground near the bench and there is a dollar on the floor. (Most likely right behind you).

And How Does That Make You Feel?

  • While still in the LARP event, head to the bar. Right by the entrance on the floor is an Appointment Slip.

Upright and Above Ground

  • Enter the bar and head to the game room in the back where the darts and pool table are. There is an old paper on a table.

Valkyrie’s Dish

  • While still in LARP mode, enter the record store. Near the counter of the emporium and the guitar is Valkyrie’s Dish.

Memory Collector

  • This will unlock once you grab the last memory in Chapter 3.

Unmissable Story Related Achievement

Burying Something

  • This will unlock at the end of Chapter 3 and is story-related.


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