Kraken Academy!! – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Guide to all achievements!

How to Obtain All Achievements


Kraken Academy!! features 48 achievements, 11 of which are unlocked as part of the story.

Story Related

All of these will be granted while progressing through the story. Listed in the order achieved.

  • Kraken’s Disciple – Gain the power to travel back in time.
  • Penguin – Get the penguin costume.
  • Spooky – Get the skeleboner costume.
  • Vilen – Free the Music Club Spirit.
  • Cultist – Get the cultist robes.
  • Rusa – Free the Art Club Spirit.
  • Todo – Free the Sports Club Spirit.
  • Cool Kid – Get the drama club uniform.
  • Club Card Collector – Collect all club cards.
  • Samo – Free the Drama Club spirit.
  • Saviour – Save Kraken Academy from doom and destruction.

Collection / Count Related

These require repeated actions or collecting currency.

  • Punk – Smash 250 things.
  • Pillager – Smash 1000 things.

These will come over the normal course of completing other achievements. Just smash trash cans, dumpsters, lockers and anything else with your bat. You’ll be given the bat during your first class. This is how you gain bottles, so you need to do a lot of smashing anyhow.

  • Bottle Collector – Collect 75 bottles in one go.
  • Bottle Fiend – Collect 175 bottles in one go.

For these two, you have to smash things open and then collect 75 or 175+ bottles without the counter resetting to zero. White bottles are worth 1, blue bottles are worth 10 and pink bottles are worth 40. You’ll likely get this without trying if you get lucky drops, but to ensure it, smash a bunch of dumpsters or a string of lockers and try not to pick things up, then turn back and grab everything while sprinting and you should hit it.

  • Birthday Savings – Collect 10,000 shlotinki.
  • Entrepeneur – Collect 75,000 shlotinki.

Shlotinki is the ingame coin currency. These are cumulative throughout gameplay, not held at once, so do not worry about spending money. You convert bottles to shlotinki at the many bottlemachines. Hobo Guy will give you upgrades that increase the exchange rate (from 1:1, to 2:1, to 3:1) in his cave after you have befriended 3 and then 6 characters, so it can be worth holding onto bottles until after those upgrades if possible. The only money you need to spend in game is 2,000 for each of the additional three card passes, at a total of 6,000.

  • Home Sweet Home – Put furniture into every slot in your room.

You can buy furniture, be given furniture during quests, or find furniture. Return to your room in the Music Dorms at any time to change furniture in your room. Once all slots have an option, this should unlock. I had to change the wall color as well to trigger this.

  • Interior Designer – Collect all furniture

To get all furniture you’ll need to do a several side quests and find these during spirit missions.

  • Mommy’s Boy – Call your Mom 8 times.

Use the phone booths to pass time and this will unlock. If you are using the phone booth to skip forward a bit during the story, you may get this naturally, but it is very quick to spam calls and skip half a day forward to unlock at anytime.

  • Rewind – Travel back to Monday 5 times.

Start your loop over 5 times. It is possible to complete the game and all other achievements without unlocking this (I did), as you only need to rewind 3 times to beat the game. You can spam the rewind ability at any time though to unlock.

Side Quests / Friends Part 1

These achievements are specifically related to befriending classmates and staff at Kraken Academy.

  • Gig Economy – Complete all side quests.

Many of the side quests are actually story related and will be completed during normal progression, however, the friend specific side quests are not required and each have an achievement tied to them.

  • Popular – Go on all the dates.

You can go on three dates, with Simona, Broccoli Girl and Vladimir. Each of these require taking the bus to another location on Wednesday morning.

  • Simona – Befriend Simona.

Completed the ‘Movie Date’ side quest.

This can be done in the first time loop, must be done in a single time loop, and counts as a date.

Available after your first day of Music Class. Simona asks that you come to band practice on Tuesday morning, if you complete the Quick Time Events successfully you can meet her at the bus stop on Wednesday morning.

  • Ms. Markova – Befriend Ms. Markova.

Complete the ‘Insomniac’ side quest.

This can technically be done in the first time loop, however, doing so will mean you cannot complete the main query without rewinding, so likely best to save it for after you’ve freed Vilen. Talk to Ms. Markova outside near the pingpong tables on Monday evening and she will mention not being able to sleep. Sneak into the nurse’s office in the Cafeteria building at night, walk up behind the camera and smash it, then pick up the sleeping pills. Give these to Ms. Markova to befriend her.

  • Ana – Befriend Ana.

Complete the ‘Poster Boy’ side quest.

Can be done after getting Art Club key. Talk to Ana in her dorm room after attending Art Class, and she will give you posters to put up around the Art Club. There is a blank white panel on each of the three art club buildings, interact with each and return to Ana to befriend her.

  • Cafeteria Lord – Befriend the Cafeteria Lord.

Complete the ‘First Aid’ side quest.

Can be done in any time loop. Pick up the bandages in a box in the hallway in the Music dorm. On Wednesday go to the cafeteria, and into the nurses office. Interact with the Cafeteria Lord and student, then use bandages on the student to befriend the Cafeteria Lord.

  • Broccoli Girl – Befriend Broccoli Girl.

Complete ‘Splash Fortress’ side quest.

Can be done after getting Art Club key, must start on Monday morning, must be done in a single time loop, and counts as a date.

On the center island in the art club area is a grill, pick that up and go to the main area, east of the ping pong table and give it to Broccoli Girl. She will invite you to Splash Fortress water park Wednesday morning. Take the bus to the date and this will unlock after! Broccoli girl will give you an item that can be used on a future time loop, but is not needed for this achievement.

  • Vladimir – Befriend Vladimir.

Complete ‘Harvest Festival’ side quest.

Can be done after getting the Sports Club key, must start on Monday evening, must be done in a single time loop, awards furniture, and counts as a date.

In the Sports Club dorm, outside Wendy’s (girl on the horse) room is a package with horse stamps. Pick those up, then go to Vladimir’s dorm in the Music Club and give him the stamps. You’ll have to answer two pieces of fan mail (answers do not seem to matter), then he will invite you to go to the Harvest Fest on Wednesday morning with him. Complete the date and you’ll unlock this and be given a picture frame that counts towards Interior Designer.

  • Kostadin – Befriend Kostadin.

Complete ‘Kostadin’s Crush’ side quest.

Can be done after getting the Drama Club key, does not need to be done in a single time loop, awards furniture.

In any time loop, talk to Kostadin in his dorm room on a Monday evening and help him write a love letter. He’ll ask you to put it on the desk of the dorm room with a blue door in Drama. Head to the Drama dorm, open the only blue door and use the love letter on the desk (this can be many time loops later, you do not need to get the letter the same loop you drop it). Then return to the music dorms on Wednesday evening to witness the meeting and befriend Kostadin. He will give you a poster as a reward that counts towards Interior Designer.

  • Pierre – Befriend Pierre.

Complete ‘Magician’s Assistant’ side quest.

Can be done after getting the Drama Club key.

First head to the Sports Club classroom building, and go in the dark changing room. There is a box in the lower left corner with an over-sized handsaw. Pick that up, then go to the Drama auditorium on (need to confirm day, I think Monday or Tuesday morning) and you’ll see Pierre practicing a trick. Give him the saw to befriend him.

  • Rebel – Convert 3 bottlemachines to the cause in one time loop.

Complete ‘Rebel Robots’ side quest.

Technically not a befriending, but, works the same. Can be done after completing the Vilen spirit quest, as you need the Skeleboner costume. Must be done in a single time loop, awards furniture.

Go to the Music dorm, change to the skeleboner costume and break the crumbling wall. Inside a Bottlemachine will ask you to install a program on other machines and give you a CD. Simply interact using the CD on three other machines and then return to the secret room to complete. Note: once you interact with a machine, it will no longer convert bottles for that time loop. Awards an in-room bottlemachine that counts towards Interior Designer.

  • Nikolai – Befriend Nikolai.

Complete ‘Cake Day’ side quest.

This is perhaps the most involved befriending side quest. You can receive this side quest on your first time loop, talking to Nikolai in the common area Monday morning, but won’t be able to complete it until after you have the Sports Club key.

  • Sugar – interact with the tea set in the cafeteria.
  • Milk – use the bucket on a goat, either those blocking the abandoned dorm path, or during the Vilen mission.
  • Eggs – found above Wendy’s Gong in the north of the Sport’s Club.

Once you have all three, you’ll need to change into the Cultist robes on a Monday or Tuesday evening and go to the lake where the cultists are. When you get to where you would throw in mushrooms to the cauldron, instead, throw in the ingredients. You’ll instead summon a ‘cake’ (that looks a whole lot like pie!). Take that cake, and Wednesday morning, give it to Nikolai to complete the quest.

Side Quests / Friends Part 2

  • Dimitri – Befriend Dimitri.

Complete ‘Bear Hunt’ side quest.

Can be done after you have the Sports Club key, awards furniture. Talk to Dimitri in the south west of the Sports area and he will ask for a Bear Kung Fu book. Go to the headmasters office and interact with the bookshelf and the headmaster will give you the book. Return to Dimitri and give him the book, and he will walk you to a secret area and the quest will complete. He gives you a bear skin rug that counts towards Interior Designer.

  • Jean – Befriend Jean.

Can be done after you have the Drama Club key. The fastest of these, there isn’t even a side quest. Merely talk to Jean in his dorm room in the Drama Club and you will befriend him during the conversation. Jean is only in his room at certain times (need to confirm time!)

  • Patitsa – Befriend Patitsa.

Complete ‘Poultry Problems’ side quest.

Can be completed after you have the Sports Club key. Talk to Patitsa in his room in the Art Club during the day, and he will ask for a lost toy. Go to the Sports Club, find Dimitri and go east of him through the forest to a secret area. In this area is a box with a rubber chicken. Return the toy to Patitsa to befriend him.

  • Hobo Guy – Befriend the Hobo Guy.

Complete ‘Teddy Thief’ side quest.

Can be done after you have the Drama Club Key. Can be done at the same time as the Missable Achievement Treasure Hunter.

Talk to Hobo Guy after buying the second bottlemachine upgrade, available once you have befriended 6 others. He will ask for help getting back his stolen teddy bear, and to do this he needs protest signs. These are buried somewhere. There are dirt piles in 5 locations across campus, interact with any and you will comment that you are unable to dig it up. Find Patitsa (may need to have befriended him first) and he will give a whistle. Now go to the dirt pile in the Music Club, use the whistle to get the protest sign. Bring that back to Hobo Guy and follow his prompts to complete the quest.

  • Janitor – Befriend the Janitor.

Complete ‘Junior Janitor’ side quest.

Can be done after you have the Drama Club key. Must be done in one time loop.

You will need four items to start this:

  • Spanner – Found in the Secret Room with the Bottle Machine in the Music Dorm.
  • Small Cage – Found on the east side of the auditorium seating area.
  • Plunger – Found (during story play? Need to confirm).
  • Torch – Found (during story play? Need to confirm).

The Janitor rotates between 4 locations for 6 hours at a time, you need to help him at each of these. Easiest to do in a single day in order, but he will rotate through these areas.

  • 6am – Janitor is in Music Dorm hallway, give him the spanner.
  • Noon – Janitor is in Art Classroom bathroom, give him the plunger.
  • 6pm – Janitor is in the Sports Classroom changing room, give him the torch.
  • Midnight – Janitor is in the Drama Classroom bathroom, give him the small cage.

You will keep all items if you do not complete all four in one time loop, however, all four will disappear when you do complete them all. They can be done in any order.

Missable Achievements

These achievements can be missed and require areas to be repeated. You can repeat areas though!

  • Feline – Pet a cat.

Interact with any cat to unlock. The first is available during the Vilen spirit quest, if you missed that one, there are many chances during the final quest for Saviour.

  • Hygenic – Wash your hands in 4 different sinks.

Unsure if this needs to be done in a single timeloop, but easy once you’ve unlocked more clubs. There are two bathrooms in the Music Dorm with sinks, bathrooms in Arts and Drama, and a bathroom in each mission area with sinks. Use any four to unlock.

  • Bouncy – Bounce on a bouncy castle.

During the Music spirit mission, when you gain access to the VIP area, walk into the bouncy castle. If you don’t do this on your first chance you won’t have another until redoing the entire mission!

  • Demon Master – Summon a poop demon.

During the cultist ritual to summon a demon, you are instructed your color determines the demon summoned. After adding mushrooms in the correct order, add one of each color to make brown, which will “summon” a poop demon. You can repeat this cultist section on any Monday or Tuesday night if you miss it.

  • Wrong Lever! – Pull all the levers in the boss’s office.

At the end of the Sports spirit mission you are in a room with 4 levers. Pull them from left to right (or any order so long as the far right one is last) to unlock this.

  • Witness – Witness the end of the world.

Simply wait until time runs out on Wednesday evening. When time hits 6am, a cutscene will play of the school being destroyed and this will unlock. You will automatically loop back and start at Monday, and this loop backward does not count for Rewind.

  • Athlete – Score a goal in the gym.

Either after class in the Sports classroom, or returning later, smash the soccer ball until it goes in the goal. You have some control over direction, but not as much as you’d want.

  • Challenger – Beat Yuki and Wendy’s challenges on hard.

During the Gong challenges. Make sure to pick Hard on both of these and win. Yuki’s can be a bit hectic on Hard, make sure to keep sprinting and if possible set yourself up with pattern early on at the start. For Wendy I found it easier, just be sure to use the boost arrows. You can do these whenever you want if you proceeded with the story after, just ring the gong.

  • Mind Strength – Get a score of 20 or more on Dimitri’s challenge.

I found pen & paper helped here, and playing on hard. In theory you could do this on easy, but, getting three at a time made it faster when writing things down. Just write down each triplet/couplet/singlet depending on your difficulty and then key them back in. Once you hit 20 or higher, you can mess up to finish it and get the achievement.

  • Treasure Hunter – Dig up all piles of dirt in one time loop.

Related to the Hobo Guy side quest, you need to use the dog whistle to dig up 5 dirt piles.

  • Main Quad – Just South East of the Working Fountain
  • Music Club – South East of Music Classroom
  • Drama Club – South East Corner
  • Sports Club – Just up the first stairs to the west
  • The Lake – On the path from the school to the Kraken, south of the kraken.



  1. I personally found that you had to interact with the pile of dirt the sign actually is in. Also you don’t have to befriend Patitsa just get the spirit out of her

  2. Thanks for the awesome guide! Do you know if there’s any way to get into the Headmaster’s office on any of the timeloop days? I missed picking up the book when I was in there for the penguin costume.

    • yup you can go back, I cannot recall the exact days and nights but after you go the first time it is open more often than not. You can go during the day and pick up the book without issues as I recall.

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