Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – Multiplayer Guide for Beginners

This guide is meant to help players that are new to multiplayer Space Marine, as in people who have already beaten or at least played much of the single player mode. If you are completely new to Space Marine, I recommend playing single player before jumping into multiplayer, since this game is very different to modern first-person shooters. Once you’ve done that, come back to this guide so that you can remained informed on what will improve your gameplay.

Beginner’s Guide to Multiplayer

Completely New? Start at 1

My first tip is to stay with the default classes, there are ways to customize your loadout, however it would be better to change that once you know what each weapon does. You have likely learned how the weapons work via the single player mode, in which case I recommend staying with the stock loadouts anyways, and just play a few games in public lobbies. This is because there are many experienced players in public lobbies that know how to play the game, likely much better you. Watch these players, figure out where they go and what weapons show up most often, that’s usually a good way to find out what’s good.

Second Game? That Makes 2

You should turn off in-game music, or at least turn it way down, it doesn’t help you tactically and it’s really generic anyways. Keep your other in-game volume up, it will let you know if people are shooting nearby and where all of the action is. Space Marine is a third person shooter, which means that you have a wider view of your character than you would in an fps, so that means that it will be easy to always be checking your flanks. If someone is creeping up beside you and you don’t hear it, at least you’ll have seen them coming. Another thing, don’t get into fights alone if you aren’t experienced enough to handle yourself. Everyone who still plays Space Marine today is much more experienced than you, *Including your teammates*. Your team will help you, whether out of the kindness of their heart or just because they can’t stand watching you act like a noob.

“Positioning is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural” Also part 3

I won’t tell you all of the best spots to hang out on a map, that’s for the few glitchless pros, but I will tell you that positioning will make or break your games. If you stand out in the open you’ll get rocked by lascannons and stalker bolters, but if you take time to hide juuuust a little bit, you’ll die way less often. Your team will know were to go, but don’t copy their playstyle, just learn where to be and when, your K/D/A will skyrocket.

One Seize Ground Map Has 4 Points

Everyone plays Seize Ground, everyone. You should play Seize Ground as well, because it has the most people in its lobbies. Always remember to cap points, it will give you XP and also help your team win, you’d be suprised by the amount of level 41 players that ignore the point of Seize Ground. Don’t run in alone and die, but help your team when they decide to cap a point. If you see your point in the lower left of the screen start flashing, that means the point is being uncapped, go to the point and kill the foul traitors that dare encroach on the Imperium of Man.

Loadouts, and Also 5

Any loadout is good, I swear. There are “meta” loadouts that certain types of people will use, but this is a video game and you should prioritize your own fun. A basic bolter with both of its red perks is just as good as a melta gun with additional fuel and charge. I personally would recommend the Stalker Bolter, as it can kill easily with headshots and encourages good aim. If you can aim a Stalker in medium or even close combat, you can aim any other gun. For the devastator class, I would recommend using whatever weapon you want. The lascannon is the “meta” option because it oneshots on headshots, but the heavy bolter and plasma cannon are just as useful, only in different situations. For assualt, the chainsword and power sword are exactly the same, but otherwise your choice should just be based around how fast you want to swing. For the assualt’s pistol options, I say aim for the head with the bolt pistol, because it’s just as effective as a boltgun. The plasma pistol is good for getting rid of armor and then slicing up your foe with another weapon of your choice. Pick your own wargear based on how you want to play, I’m not going to tell you what to do.

Finally, The End

Lastly, there are glitches in this game, they will make your opponents faster and quicker on the draw than you, but I refuse to tell you to use glitches yourself.

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