Legend Bowl – Basic Guide

In game images to explain the finer points of Legend Bowl’s mechanics, particularly the ones that give new players the most trouble.

Guide to Basics


If you’re struggling with passing in Legend Bowl, this image should help with your understanding. Like other games, you’ll have a number of targets available. When you’ve selected a target hold down on the button to begin charging your pass bar; what’s important to note here is that this bar impacts your pass power. Try to avoid over charging the pass as too much charge will begin to impact your accuracy. The further you overcharge, the greater an impact on your final accuracy.

When learning, try aiming for the middle of the bar (Standard) on most attempts. This should help you get used to normal releases which are acceptable in many situations. Once you’ve gotten a feel for this, start to mix up your power depending on the situation; Bullet passes in particular are more difficult to time but yield significantly faster throws (including a Nice Throw).



The idea of Onside Conversions is not unique to Legend Bowl. It’s covered in this wonderful YouTube video by Secret Base.

Offensive Play Selection

In all situations, you can go back to the previous screen for play selection. Whether it’s an Extra Point Conversion, Punt/Field Goal attempt or normal play, you are free to make your own decision from any play in the book. The game will provide suggestions in some situations, but they are not final.

Defensive Play Selection

Viewing the offensive lineup can be an important guide when selecting your play. Wait for the offense to set its formation before selecting your own play for a useful advantage. However, beware that this is not a foolproof tactic guaranteeing defensive success; you will not know what play the offense is actually executing regardless.

Player Rankings

Sometimes, when it looks like you should’ve been able to complete a kick or pass, or you feel you pressed the right buttons but were ineffective, the on-field player’s skill, speed, strength or even agility, may be responsible for the result. While execution is the most important part of any successful action, a player’s attributes may have an impact on the final result. Lower attributes tend to impact results more often, while higher results either impact the result less often (reduced chance of failure) or make the action easier to perform (kicking arrow speed, wrestle bar, etc.).

Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses is an important part of success. Be sure to check the Depth Chart for details both before and during your games.

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