Beached – How to Lock Base and Set a Passcode

I get this question asked all the time in game.. “how do I lock my base? or “how do I set a passcode?”. Here’s exactly how to do that!

How to Lock Your Base with a Coded Lock

Craft What’s Needed

Before you can lock your base from intruders there’s a couple things you will need. First, you will need a metal lock. This costs 5 wood and 3 iron ingots. Iron ingots can be forged in the furnace from iron ore you’ve collected. Secondly, you will need wood and its available virtually anywhere! Once you have these resourced, head over to the crafting table to forge your metal lock.

Next you will need a door. A regular door can be crafted from the crafting menu and a reinforced door can be crafted at the crafting table. I recommend a reinforced door since you most likely want this in the near future anyways.

Once we have both of these items we are ready to place them!

Place Your Door Frame, Door and Lock

Once we’ve got our lock and door we are ready to go! First go ahead and put in a door frame if you haven’t already.

Once door frame is in place, go ahead and place your door within the frame. (it must be selected in your hotbar to place)

Lastly, go ahead and place your lock on your metal lock on your door! (item must also be selected in hotbar to place)

How to Set Your Code and Lock Your Door

This part seems confusing to new comes for whatever reason so lets break it down. First you will need to move cursor to your lock and selected with “E” for “Try Lock” This will bring up the menu where we can set the code and lock the door.

Once you’ve selected the lock you can use the up and down arrows on the screen to set a code of your liking. Don’t recommend 1,2,3,4 as your base will be easily broken into.

Lastly and most importantly, once your code is set you must click the lock to set it to locked. Once you click the lock, the lock will turn green and your code will be set. If at anytime you wish to change the code, you will need to set a new code, set to “Unlocked” and set back to “Locked” for the new code to take effect.

One tip I have is that security like this is great, but without a totem set it is useless. Without a totem set, anyone can use a mallet to quickly dismantle your lock or your walls to gain access so don’t forget your totem!

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