Rose of Winter – All Endings Guide

How to Get All Endings


Happy Ending

  • Tell him the real reason I was staring
  • Do you really think my legs look huge and gross?
  • Actually, I was kind of excited to meet you.
  • Never mind, I’ll just lie on the floor.
  • You were a jerk at first, but yeah, I like you too.
  • I don’t know if that matters so much anymore.

Sad Ending

  • Better not say anything. I’ll make a mess of it.
  • Apology accepted. I hope I wasn’t rude, either.
  • But that’s just fine! It’ll happen when it happens.
  • Wait to see what they do.
  • It’s not so bad to be touched by me, is it?
  • I’ve had a crush on you the moment I saw you.
  • Come on, you’re right. I’d never give up being a knight.


Happy Ending

  • Maybe you’re right. I’m just not used to it.
  • No… I guess it’s about more than that.
  • Right
  • Draw sword
  • You shouldn’t tell him at all! You’ll get in trouble!
  • Have a drink.
  • Yes. It’s worth it.

Sad Ending

  • It’s not appropriate to talk about royalty like that.
  • There’s no higher honor than knighthood!
  • Left.
  • Grab the prince and run.
  • Okay, but you should have told the king.
  • Don’t have a drink.
  • Well! It’s not worth it.

Hidden Ending Play Crow’s Route 5 times.


Happy Ending

  • I should help him.
  • Stop for a moment to rest.
  • I think you did.
  • I feel excited.
  • Swords
  • Give him the cloak.
  • He may try to eat me, but I can handle it.

Sad Ending

  • I should let him handle himself.
  • Put an arm around him to warm him up.
  • I think you didn’t.
  • I feel confused.
  • Flowers
  • Wear the cloak yourself.
  • He’d never eat me. I trust him.


Happy Ending

  • What? No, he said something different last time.
  • I’m not sure. You don’t really deserve i
  • You look cool, but not as cool as me!
  • Leap in front of Kuya and protect him.
  • Sounds beautiful.
  • “His Mighty Magnificence,” actually.
  • There’s no reason to treat him like that.
  • Maybe, but you have to do better.

Sad Ending

  • I guess he’s right. Maybe I misheard him.
  • Because it’s the right thing to do.
  • You look pretty awesome.
  • Let Kuya fight the Razorback alone.
  • Sounds terrible.
  • … Um, no, of course not…
  • Yes. I never doubted Kuya, not even for a second.
  • Of course, Kuya. I’ve forgiven you already.

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