Cookie Clicker – All Seasonal Achievements Guide

I show you all of the seasonal achievements in the game. You need the upgrade “Season Switcher” which you can buy for 1111 heavenly chips. Achievements will upgrade your milk and milk will boost your cookie production so you should try to get them.

Guide to All Seasonal Achievements


If you got the season switcher upgrade you can buy every season you want in game and turn them on. You can`t run more than 1 season at the same time. You can get all special cookies (eggs and more) just for clicking the golden cookies, the red cookies and you can get them for destroying wrinklers. So you should run at least the first phase of the grandmapocalypse so wrinklers can spawn. It will take some time since those special cookies (eggs and more) only have a chance to drop. Every drop is at the same time you click it also a new upgrade you can buy.

Note: Labor Day got no achievements so it`s not listed here.

Valentine`s Day

Lovely cookies

  • Unlock every valentines-themed cookie


The hunt is on

  • Unlock 1 egg

Egging on

  • Unlock 7 eggs

Mass Easteria

  • Unlock 14 eggs

Hide & seek champion

  • Unlock all the eggs


Spooky cookies

  • Unlock every Halloween-themed cookie


Hint: In this season you have a few more specials. In addition to the golden and red cookies “reindeer” will now spawn and if you click on them you will get a bunch of cookies. As soon as you buy the first christmas-themed cookie you will the a new icon on the left in your milk. Just buy every upgrade.

Coming to town

  • Reach Santa`s 7th form

All hail Santa

  • Reach Santa`s final form

Let it snow

  • Unlock every Christmas-themed cookie

Oh dear

  • Pop 1 reindeer

Sleigh of hand

  • Pop 50 reindeer

Reindeer sleigher

  • Pop 200 reindeer

Note: Same with the “50 reindeer” achievement. You will have to pop them in one run in order to get them. If you ascend the counter will start from 0 again.


  • Pop a reindeer during an elder frenzy

Hint: It`s pretty luck based. Just pop red cookies and hope for the x666 rush and pop a reindeer during that.

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