Starbase – Modular Easybuild Ship Guide

I wanted to showcase what you can do with a modular ship in easybuild.

Guide to Modular Easybuild Ship


My goal was a multi-story modular mining ship.


As with any easybuild ship the ship would be built in two phases. First phase was to build as much of the ship as possible using ship modules in the easybuild hall. The second phase is to finish the build outside of easybuild. I planned it this way to avoid the ‘bug’ that can happen to any ship that is modified in easybuild after it has been modified in any way outside of easybuild.

The ship has (4x5x4=80×2=160!?) Cargo Containers, Six box thrusters, hardpoints for maneuvering thrusters, wedge thrusters, radiators, and mining tools, and places set aside for stairs up/down, passenger seating, and other additional modules like a nav beacon and Yolo Chip Racks.

Phase one is now complete. Here are the screenshots from the final build in easybuild.

Note: Please disregard the presence of maneuvering thrusters, they were used interchangable with hardpoints, depending on what I had with inventory at the time and will be appropriately rearranged during phase 2)

This is all done in easybuild mode. In truth the ship would be flyable now if I’d spent the time to ensure the maneuvering thrusters were in the proper places.

Phase One


The inner section, set aside for Yolo Racks, Radiator Cell Rechargers, Passenger Seating, Etc.

One of the cargo bays with space left for stairs up/down

The Engineering Bay


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