Never Return – How to Get All Legendary Gems

You only have 4 soulfires and you want to buy all the legendary gems you can afford but you just do not know how you are going to go about it. Look no further and keep reading! Warning – this is a spoiler and thus you have been warned. This is not an exploit. This uses the games mechanics to accomplish this.

Guide to Get All Legendary Gems

Step 1 Get Your Toon Naked

That is correct. Get em Naked. We do not want the RNG God looking at what gear we have on to determine that you are only ever going to get what they decide for you.

So Get Em Off!

Step 2 Go to the Bounty Tasks

The Bounty Tasks are to the left of the door.

Step 3 We Are Looking for the Purple Quest – Smelt Gems

Step 4 What Is This Gonna Cost Me?

The quick answer is almost nothing. But its gonna cost you some soulstones and only ever 4 soulfires and only the 4 soulfires you currently have forever! No more grinding soulfires!

Do not ever change the amount to more than 4 Soulfires! Why you aks? Because number 1 you are not increasing your chances on getting a Legendary. Trust me. And number 2, our reward for smelting is 4 Soulfires! You are going to get the initial 4 you spend back over and over again.

What is the Entry Fee?

I am glad you asked. If your Bounty Tasks are reset and we will cover how to reset it later. Then it will cost you 10 Soulstones to Refresh the Task to find the Purple Smelt Gems Task.

With every Refresh the price goes up. Do not worry about this. I will cover how you can keep resetting it back to 10 Later.

For Now, Refresh until you see the Task Smelt gems and then click Accept!

Step 5 Go to the Smelter

Make sure the amount of Soulfires is only 4!

  • Click Smelt and get what you get!
  • Next – Go back to the Bounty Tasks.
  • Collect your Reward!

Click the refresh until you get a NEW Smelt Gem task and Accept!

Rinse and Repeat.

When your bags are full – Organize your Gem Bag so you can compare what you have to what you got and then go to the Cube. Move anything that is not better into the Salvage!

Salvage the crap! and do not forget to remove all the Soulfires it gives you from Salvaging the lousy Gems.

Rinse and Repeat!

At some point you will have Crystals all over the Floor! You will at some point need to Salvage them as well! Do so but i would recommend placing any endless Crystals into your storage so you do not accidentally Salvage them.


Wow Lots of Legendary Gems but This Is Costing Me Lots to Refresh!

Indeed it can get expensive. My most has been 20k + to refresh. No biggie on my end i have lots!

But i’ve got you covered…. But I will not tell you what to do here and instead i will only provide a Pic. You can figure out what to do after exiting the game to make a… Change! Then restart the game.

Written by Narukami

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