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Destiny 2 - Atlas Skews Locations (Week 4)

Written by Oxiyde   /   Updated: September 14, 2021    

Where to Find All Atlas Skews - Week #4

This weeks Skews are all in the Confluence/Old shattered throne location.

Here's how to get there.

Head to this spot on the map and drop down to the right.

Jump through the portal, (visible bottom left).

Confluence Giant Crystal

After jumping through the portal just follow the corridor, It's impossible to miss.

Harbinger Cathedral

Proceed further in and once you hit this room go down the left corridor, You should reach the cathedral which holds the second Skew.

Confluence Throne Portal

Next double back to the previous room and head the opposite way you came in, This will lead you to the third Skew.

Confluence Tree Triad

Again double back the the previous room but this time head right.

Garden Entry Statue

Lastly, Continue down the corridor to reach the last skew

Written by Oxiyde.

Game:   Destiny 2