Mondealy: Day One – Full Walkthrough (Achievement Guide)


  • Sit on the stool in front of the bartender.
  • Speak to Ellie – she will join your party.
  • Head to the beach.
  • Approach the pier (cutscene will begin).
  • Leave the pier and collect 4x logs.
  • Leave the beach and return to collect more logs until you have x42 in inventory.

Achievement: Pocket Forest

  • Head to your bedroom and collect the batteries from the table and pink jacket from the wardrobe.
  • Save game to start the next day.
  • Go south-east to police station.
  • Pickup the documents in the bush.
  • Enter the police station and hand the documents back to Chelsy.

Achievement: Police Assistant

  • Head west to the forest.
  • Enter the shack.
  • Put the batteries into the radio.

Achievement: Radio Enthusiast

  • Continue west until you reach the Forest Tower.
  • Pickup the dagger and head upstairs.
  • Speak to Ellie.
  • Fast travel back to town and enter Dary’s house.
  • Receive a key and fast travel back to the tower.
  • Pickup the tiara.

Achievement: Grabby Hands

  • Rip off the cloth and enter the next room.
  • Save before entering the castle.
  • Follow Hass to the castle.
  • Head south to United District.
  • Head north.
  • You will approach Rufus’ house.

  • He will be pacing the back garden repeating the numbers.
  • 2 right.
  • 2 forward.
  • 4 right.
  • 1 forward.
  • This will become important later on.
  • Head east to the plaza and speak to the snake & fox at the table.
  • This conversation triggers two limited achievements.

Savior of shy: Help the snake out. You will receive coins. Enter the shop directly above to buy some sweets for the date.

Heartbreaker: Say that you dont know the snake and you wont leave him alone.

  • Continue south and speak to the bat hanging upside-down on the Gazebo.
  • Push the bat to get bitten.

Achievement: Provocateur

  • Enter the caves and climb the ladder.
  • Head to your bedroom and sleep to start the next day.

The Castle

Plushie 1

  • After the day starts head left.
  • Open bedroom door.
  • Collect your items.
  • There will be a plushie on the cupboard shelf.

  • Head out of the room and downstairs.
  • Speak with Evelyn and Katrina at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Both pretty.
  • Green.
  • Muffins.
  • Any.
  • Upper district.
  • …yes.

Achievement: Simple Questions – Simple Answers

  • Follow the path down to the room on the left
  • Enter Corsic’s room and save the game
  • Need a helping hand to save?
  • Travel to the Water District through the town.

Plushie 2

Before you enter the water district, past the lifeguard the plushie is located at the rightmost changing room at the top of the scene.

Plushie 3

In the water district, the plushie is sitting on the platform outside building “Buy your pleasure building”.

Rufus’ House

  • Enter Buy Your Pleasure building and receive a shopping list.
  • Leave the water district and return back to town.
  • Once you reach Rufus’ house, they will ask you to navigate through the house to reach “engine room”.

  • The rooms are randomly generated.

  • Immediately after you enter go.
  • 2 right.
  • 2 forward.
  • 4 right.
  • 1 forward.

Achievement: Eavesdropping

  • Pickup Rufus’ keys from the table and leave the house.
  • Speak to Rufus to trigger a cutscene. You will receive an amulet allowing you to re-enter the randomly generated dimension.
  • The last plushie spawns randomly inside the dimension.

Achievement: Ah, My Muse

  • There are 8 pieces of paper to read in order for.

Achievement: Stories from the Outer World

  • One of the possible rooms has a bright yellow tinge, upon entering this room return back through the same entrance you came in through for.

Achievement: Euclid Minded

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