Europa Universalis IV – Achievement Guide: Azur Semé De Lis Or

Please note: all credit goes to Phoenix26160!

In this guide I describe to you how to obtain the achievement “Azur de semé lis or”: Get all the french cores as France.

How to Obtain the [Azur De Semé Lis Or] Achievement

Starting Moves

The general situation in 1444 isn’t that easy for france: In some months, a war with the English will start off by event and you have to be ready for that case.

Before you unpause the game, search for strong allies, like Castile, because the Castilians and the English are often rivals at the start of the game. If Castile doesn’t accept, try Austria. You can take Burgundy too, but if you want to play further than this acievement, you gonna have problems with them and should not go for an alliance.

War with the English

Line up your troops near the normandy and either wait for the event, or (if it doesn’t trigger), attack them in 1446. By then, they’ll have the Wars of the Roses in their home country and you can easily siege down the normandy.

After that, you send one half of your troops to Calais and the other half in the Gascogne (for the readers that aren’t geography nerds: South West France) and siege down Bordeaux and the other provinces. Watch out for portuguese Troops, as they are allied with the English.

If that has happened, you’ll have to go to Portugal, siege minor provinces wihout fortresses and peace them out as fast as possible. By then, you’ll have a high war score and you can peace out the English too. You should try to take the whole Normandy and Gascogne (because these are your cores, that you need for the achievement). If the War Score doesn’t allow to take all of them, just wait, because you have the War-Goal-Proince and thereby your War Score increases every month.

As soon as you have won this war, the achievement should pop up.

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