Final Fantasy IV – Simplifying the Grind for Pink Tails

The easiest way to find the flan princess fight to maximize your chance of finding a pink tail.

How To

The easiest way to find the flan princess fight is to use the “Siren” item. This automatically starts a fight with the rarest encounter in the location you are in, which means getting the fight we want without wandering around in the room hoping for RNG to go our way. Sirens can not be purchased in any shops, but luckily enough we can combine farming Sirens with grinding for XP within the Giant.

1) In the Giant, make your way to the room with the save point.

2) Wander around until you find an encounter with a searcher and two beamers. Kill the beamers.

3) Now we begin our grind loop. To make things go a bit quicker I usually kill Fu So Ya off, this also means he doesn’t waste any xp we want going to our permanent party members.

  • Have Edge steal from the searcher.
  • The searcher will counter attack by summoning a mech dragon.
  • Have Rydia cast Tornado on the mech dragon and then have Cecil finish it off.
  • Rosa can stand around waiting to heal anyone that needs it

4) I repeated the steps above until Rydia didn’t have enough MP to cast Tornado, in which case you can stop the searcher and finish it off. After that just walk back to the save point and Cabin up.

It took me 5 fights like this until I had 99 Sirens. You unfortunately cannot have multiple stacks so 99 will have to do. Conveniently, this is an incredibly efficient grind as the mech dragons give a ton of xp. I left the giant will all of my characters (other than Fu) being at least level 70. Also very conveniently, Kain seems to gain phantom xp, so he’ll benefit from the grinding you are doing here as well.

In order to speed this up as much as possible, I recommend setting the battle and battle message speeds to “Very Fast” and turning cursor memory on.

Happy grinding!

Written by borensoren

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