Tales of Arise – How to Defeat Second Boss (Lord Ganabelt)

Guide to Beat Second Boss


  • You need to wear Alexandrite (50% light and darkness damage reduce).
  • Now just top up your party and tank the ult(its not even possible to kill all clone unless you out lvl it by alot).
  • Once his really low and start spamming the ult.
  • It’s either you kill him first or you die.


Get resistances to light on your characters, or, depending on difficulty, nuke his clones before he uses indignation.

You can dodge almost anything in Arise, its just how good you are at timing that dodge. You’ll dodged out of the middle of enemy tidal wave spells after being hit by it. His Indignation is kinda hard to dodge as its a mystic arte. When after he does it you have a split second to slam that dodge button before the hit actually hits.

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