Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt – Movement Guide

Guide for moving in Bloodhunt (keystrokes included).

Guide to Movement

Basic Movement

There are different movements that are in the game. There is Sliding, Jumping, Wall Jumping, Wall Riding, and Sprinting.

Here is a basic showcase of that movement.

Slide Jump/Slide Cancel

Just like warzone you can press your crouch button while sprinting to begin sliding, and then press space in order to cancel it and jump farther then a default jump.

Wall Sliding

Using the slide function you can let go of W and slide to the left and right so you don’t climb walls in a straight vertical line.

Soft Landing vs Hard Landing

At certain heights when jumping you will be forced into a landing animation.

You can bypass this by holding ctrl or your crouch key to force your character to slide when.

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