Nihariely’s Spatial Adventure – Definitive Basic Guide

A general guide to finish the game step by step with some advices.

Official General Guide


This is the official guide for the game without telling many spoilers to the story but is still technical spoilers; use it if you are clueless or to optimize afterwards your playthrough.

Since the first part of the game is more or less straight forward this guide will summarize the post initial phase towards the end of the game.

Before Getting Your Own Starship

As long as you read the instructions, the first challenges of the game are clear. So, we will start from the last exploration before you reach the outpost station; (in which the doors of the borrowed starship are unlocked, the robot loses its color and you can finally try all four modules as you wish).

You will need speed level 4, maximum of 4 shields and the rest to craft foodwater packs:

  • Exploring the asteroid zone: collect all metal components you can and search for a wandering merchant, buy 1 Capacitor.

  • Once inside the abandoned cargo starship, loot all storagers to get 3 Capacitors.

The Outpost Station.

The walkthrough of this area consist on:

  • Talk to the big grey looking module in the center of the station, after that, go to the small grey module that has a blue led and talk to it.

  • Go all towards the right and find a robot that is selling a starship, buy it.

  • Go up and use the bathroom, it will grant you extra speed.

  • Talk to the woman hiding behind the door, it will ask you to get a specific item.

  • Go all the way to the south of the map and investigate the room with a grey robot inside, the item you need is on that chest. Around this area you can find a lot of items so take all of them, collect the capacitor from the storager. This will let you with 4 capacitors in inventory.

  • Go back and give the woman the item, you need to use the counter. she will not open the door (is like a mailing square left of the door).

  • Go inside your new starship and talk to the quest panel, follow the instructions then and exit the starship after.

  • From there try to rescue the woman and escape the outpost station.

Once You Get Your Starship

You exited the Outpost Station safely and your new starship is ready for action. All previous events in the game were a tutorial for controlling successfully your own starship. You will also get a new mechanic, the navigation interface.

From this point, the game linearity stops and it lets you experiment with the progress. This guide will focus on one of the most optimal ways to play it.

First Exploration

Use The Pulsating Generator just one time to get 80 Pulsating Energy.

Set to Manual the Kitchen Table and the Magnetic key Dispenser.

1. Search for an 80 Pulsating Energy destination in the Navigation Interface, if you cannot find one go to the bed and sleep until the next day, repeat until you find it.

2. Set this:

  • 3 Lunch Boxes and 2 FoodWater Packs
  • Speed 4
  • 6 Magnetic keys
  • All action points left to shields
  • Save the Game using The Speakers spending Pulsating Energy.

3. Exploring the asteroid belts:

  • Get all Metal Components You can

  • Get the Map Card from the Lost Ship

  • Try to collect all Pulsating Energy you can from Hangars.

4. Exploring the Abandoned Cargo Starship:

  • Go directly towards the Core and take it. If there are chest in the path take the items but if those are far away, avoid them.

  • Take all Storages that contain capacitors before the Orange Doors.

  • Recollect the Magnetic Key to have 7.
  • Go for the Data Center and check what type of Protection it has and keep it in mind. You will use here a Magnetic Key.
  • Go the PC and memorize the code you need. You will use here a Magnetic Key.
  • Go back to the Data Center and carefully, write the code and claim the Card Map. At this point you should have 4 Magnetic Keys left.

  • From there you need to Go through all Orange doors collecting capacitors, get all Magnetic keys without backtracking. Example: Get the Magnetic Key and in a linear pattern movement check all storagers, once done open the next Orange Door and so on. At the End you must have 3 Magnetic Keys remaining and if you successfully loot everything the Bonus icon will be active.

  • Now it is time to go back as fast as you can trying to spend the less amount of steps possible, the countdown should be activated when you are nearby to the end (When the first floor texture starts, the first communicator spot marks it usually), you should be able to make to the exit in 30 seconds. If you are two or more steps behind that position you must use the communicator and ask for a minute, if you are too far away or if your food is very low ask for twice that amount instead.

First Rescue Mission

After you finish your first exploration, this event will trigger automatically.

Just complete it to get the Map Card from the Lost Cargo Ship. There is a Hangar in the map if you are low of pulsating energy. Also, you can use your shields to remove the asteroid walls:

From the beginning, move to the right until nearby the edge of the map and then all up. If there is a static asteroid blocking the path, push it out of the way. Be careful with the Moving Ones, evade those. The lost starship is around there, in the top right part of the map.

Second Exploration

Use the NeoCharger to upgrade the starship until is able to carry 95 Pulsating Energy and then the generator to fill up the tank.

A. Go to the Navigation interface and you will found new destinations. From left to right, pick up the first one and travel.

B. In the new area you will find a memory game, each time you fail the path will show, try to memorize the pattern, here are some advices:

  • If you stay on the road, the position will be saved to respawn on it later. Of that way, if you do not know where to go, just stay still until the respawn animation appears.
  • If you are having a lot of trouble, you can intentionally fail a lot of times. Each time you fail the star path will show a little bit longer (about 0.20 of a second); eventually you could make the path reveal to last like 10 seconds or more, and you will be able to travel the road when visible.
  • Try to get the item of the special zone before the end. You will have like 10 seconds or so before it banishes; this could speed up your game progression a lot.

C. Once in the Shop, talk and get every item until the Space Probe. You could get the last one too in theory but will depend on how many metal components you may get in the exploration zones.

D. In the Navigation Interface, search for a Destination with 80 pulsating energy of distance and travel; again, if you do not find one, go to the bed and sleep until the next day.

E. With the light switch you will have more action points to be spent like:

  • 3 Lunch Boxes and 4 FoodWater Packs
  • Speed 4
  • 9 Magnetic keys
  • All action points left to shields or FoodWater Packs if you think you need more. Additionally; making a radar device will make things easier, it helps to find the location of the abandoned cargo starship (you will need 5 action points.)
  • Save the Game using The Speakers spending Pulsating Energy.

F. In the Asteroid exploration get all Pulsating Energy from Hangars, all metal components and the Map card of the lost ship.

G. Inside the Abandoned Cargo Starship repeat the same process as the first exploration, except that there will be no Magnetic keys around to collect and you will have more food to get all loot items. From this point the ship could have a different configuration but it follows the three area rules; the first one where the core is, the second one where you find devices like the Data Center and the last part that is focused on Storagers for Capacitors. There is also a Painting you can collect as decoration for your ship; it must be found only in the first and second type of area.

Second Rescue Mission

Once you finish your second exploration, this event will trigger automatically.

It is easy, just reach to the end as fast as you can, there is a painting in the first part, get that one. Your ship will be upgraded and be able to carry 100 of pulsating energy.

Third Exploration

From this point you shouldn’t have use any fuses or diskettes to have at least 12 of each one and 2 new card maps.

Go to the Navigation interface and select an objective with 60 units of distance.

This time around set the next set of resources:

  • 5 Magnetic Keys.
  • 1 Space Probe.
  • 2 lunchboxes and 2 food water packs.
  • 4 Speed.
  • 3 shields or foodwater packs if you think you do not need shields.

In the Asteroid field, talk to the probe once deployed and select the option: “send a transmission at random”. You will get a special merchant that will give you Map Cards in exchange of 12 diskettes, and another for 12 fuses. If you does not have that amount then use capacitors instead. Once you obtain 2 map cards, end the trade and release the probe.

Search for the lost ship and get the Map Card. If the cost is more than 20 units of energy try to collect the pulsating energy from hangars just in case.

In the Abandoned Starship search for the light switch and spend a Magnetic Key on it.

Go to the Pulsating Core and take it.

Go to the Data Center and get the last Map Card of the Game. Remember, you first check out what type of code you need, then go to the PC to get it. With those you can go back to the Data Center and then claim the Map Card.

The last Magnetic Key is used on the Starship Reserves Module, is like a cylindrical thing.

From this point you can spend diskettes and fuses as you need but save the metal components if you can.

Spatial Centers and Stations

With all Map Cards Collected, check that your starship has 100 of pulsating energy. If not, use the Generator or start and exploration to get the pulsating energy and go back fast using the space probe function: Request to exit the zone.

Go to the Navigation Interface and explore all the new objectives to unlock their respective Spatial Center or Station. Remember to try your best to get all of the special items on the star path zones.

The items you can get are just optional, the most recommended items you could get are:

In the Decoration Shop: the Wall Clock

With the Clock you can see the day of the week in which:

  • Monday: Usually Nothing Appears.
  • Tuesday to Thursday: Usually 20 -40 distance regions appear.
  • Friday: Usually 40-60 distance regions appear.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 80 distance regions are guaranteed.

In the Cybernetic Store: The Route Module

Once you had unlocked all spatial centers and stations it will let you get this update in which let you travel across them instantly.

The other items could be safely ignored but it could make your experience smoother.

Upgrading to 180 Carrying Capacity

The best way is to upgrade your Neocharger until level 5.

Part 1

  • If you didn’t find any Positronic Key or Operator.

Use the NeoCharger to reach the 110 capacity and the Generator to fill it.

  • If you find at least one Positronic Key or Operator.

Go the NeoCharger Station and use all positronic Keys you have on it. If you have an operator; go the Generator Station and exchange it for a Positronic key and then use it on the NeoCharger Station.

If your NeoCharger has level five then Skip to Part 3. If not, then use the NeoCharger to reach the 110 capacity and the Pulsating Generator to fill it. If you cannot reach those levels then explore the asteroid belt for capacitors and energy until you can reach it.

Part 2

  • Go to the Aldebaran Station and get all locations of the Guardian Stations; you just need to follow the instructions of the operator.

  • You will see new destinations for the Guardian Stations. Counting from left to right chose the second one (is soft blue.)

  • It is a stage focusing on memorizing numbers with a special advice that i hope it may help you in real life too. The order is always left to right when setting the sequence of numbers.

  • Get the Key item on this Stage nearby the end (The Punch-Card ), also the Positronic Key and the Operator. Go to the Generator Station and exchange the operator for a Positronic Key, to have a total of 2. And go to the NeoCharger Station to upgrade it. If you reach to Level 5 skip to part 3. At this point your NeoCharger Level must be at least 3.

  • Use the capacitors to increase the tank capacity to 120 and then use the pulsating generator or make an exploration to fill the tank.
  • Go to the Orange Guardian Station and get the Positronic Key and Operator. It is a tricky stage in which you have to walk outside of the road to get teleported to the last part, in which you only have to walk up in straight line until the end. It is the faster Guardian station to solve.
    Exchange the Operator for a Positronic Key in the Generator Station. Use all Positronic Keys until you finally have your NeoCharger at level 5.

Part 3

Once your Neo Charger Level is at level 5 the objective is to get 12 capacitors or more, the more the best. If you already have 12 or more, skip to Part 4.

If you managed to find an Operator, spend metal components in the Capacitors Station to reach at least 12 capacitors. If you do not have an Operator you will have to go for a 80 Pulsating Energy destination and explore it (You can save time by using the previous Punch-Card Configuration if any): your objective is to get all Capacitors you can and ignore everything else. IF you still can’t reach 12 capacitors make another exploration.

Part 4

Once you have level 5 NeoCharger and at least 12 capacitors you can simply:

Use the NeoCharger manually to reach 180 of capacity.

Use an Operator in the Automatron Station to craft all of them at once.

Fill up the tank with the Pulsating Generator of your starship each time you finish a Guardian Station. In theory you do not have to explore the asteroid belt anymore.

The exploration will just be for getting pulsating energy if you spent too much action points in the stages. And the magnetic keys are used for one of two options:

  • Get the pulsating reserves of the cargo ship.
  • Turn fuses and diskettes into metal components using the crafter device that looks like an oven.

Leave the Purple level to the end, since it is the most pulsating energy demanding; you can then use the special item found in there to refill automatically your pulsating tank capacity at the end.

Finishing the Game

Part I

Complete all Guardian Stations saving always before you start and finish one, and remember to let the purple one to the end.

The positronic keys and operators will help you to speed things up. For example if you do not want to use the NeoCharger ever again, go to the Automatron Station and craft all Capacitors you may have at once. There is no real need to get more than 180 tank capacity but it could make things easier with more action points to craft in the guardian stations.

If you want to speed up the Pulsating Generator of your ship just upgrade it with the Generator Station. With level 60 you just will need one or two activations to fill it.

Most of the Guardian Stations are designed to be solved without refill action points; there are just 2 in which you need to do it, the submarine level (purple) and the rover level (grey.).

Part II

Once you had collected all Master Processors you can access to the Master Station, in there you will find the last puzzle of the game, avoid at all costs exploring the asteroid belt destinations and cargo ships, you will not find the answer there.

It is just a NPC you have to talk to.

Once you solve it, entering the Master Station for second time will trigger the end cinematic cutscene and you will finally save all of the people on the planet.

For the Fun of Mastery

You can SpeedRun the game to finish it in like 2 hours and a half modifying the method, i had managed to get like 300 tank capacity before even entering a guardian station, even losing pulsating energy in the stages or using it to save the game it means nothing and it is just a walk in the park towards the end.

It is even possible to get way before that special key, the one that appears normally in the last guardian station. Actually you can get like 8 of them, but it needs practice. With those 8 keys is almost as if you have infinite pulsating energy while they last.

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