Chains – How to Fix Fullscreen Bug and Get Better Resolution

Chains is inherently broken. The developers 2dengine released an official patch to fix the bugs. This guide shows where to download and how to install the patch.

How to Patched (Download and Install)

Download Link

  • Go to this link and you should see a page that looks like this.

  • Click on the patch 1.4 button on the bottom of the page. Save and run the installer.


  • Windows Defender might pop up protecting your computer, run the installer anyways.

  • Ensure that you have Chains installed and you know where. If you don’t know, right-click Chains on Steam and go to Manage – Browse Local FIles.

  • Copy the Chains main folder directory to the highlighted section.

  • Complete the installation.

Playing the Newly Optimised Game

Run the game. It should load up in a window with the text “Chains 1.4” and you should be able to full screen to a better resolution with no jittering and other issues.

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