PAYDAY 2 – Platypus 70 Build (DSOD Viable)

Being (objectively speaking, I have almost 18k kills with it) the #1 Platypus Fan, I get alot of question asking what build I use, and here it is, my Platypus build.

Platypus Build Guide

Perk Deck


Anarchist is a personal favourite of mine, not requiring too many skills to make work well and being generally easy to pick up to just kill stuff with.


Typical build, in Mastermind we have Inspire aced with Doctor Bags for your teammates, Joker skills to get two shot armour on Anarchist, as well as to give you some extra meatshields and basic Sniper skills. In Enforcer, typical stuff, Resilience aced for flashbangs, Die Hard to tank more while interacting and Bullseye aced to build armour. Technican has the weirdest placements, Hardware Expert basic for faster drill repairs, but Oppressor skills up to Lock N’ Load basic, we pick this for the Mark 10, mostly, as we can armourgate while running, if we hit shots while moving. Then in Ghost what’d you’d expect, mobility skills, Supressor skills with HVT, and of course, Nine Lives aced.


The Platypus 70 Sniper Rifle


  • Beak Suppressor (For the accuracy/stability boost of The Professional).
  • Total Ammo Boost (Since we hit 100 accuracy, the boost of ammo is no brainer, since it gives us more to shoot).
  • Speculator Sight (Any, really, my personal preference is the Speculator).
  • Compact Laser Module (Really doesn’t matter too much, just anything that gives lasers to help with aiming).


The Mark 10 SMG


  • The Bigger The Better Suppressor (Stability and Accuracy boost from The Professional).
  • Accuracy Boost (We hit 100 stability, just boosting accuracy).
  • Auto Fire (We’re always going to be firing in Auto, and the Stability boost is helpful).
  • Railed Handguard (Adds stability).
  • Compact Laser Module (With the rest of the mods, we hit 100 stability, so we pick this up only for the laser).
  • Custom Built Frame (I like it, visually appealing).
  • Speedpull Magazine (Increased reload and +8 rounds in the magazine, no reason not to pick it up).
  • Speculator Sight (Once again personal preference on sight, pick any you like).
  • Skeletal Stock (For the accuracy).



The stun from the Buzzer/EBK makes it easy to line up graze shots, as well as get headshots to activate aggressive reload aced, allowing for incredibly quick reloads.


Concussion Grenades

Save these for when you need them, the moments it stuns, you can hit some really good graze shots.


Two-Piece Suit

…It’s Anarchist.

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