Forewarned – General Gameplay Guide

Here in this guide, you’ll find all the information that i personally found in the game. Some things found by experimenting and some by just dying.

Guide to Gameplay

All credit goes to ThatKleeMain!


Forewarned is an horror game based on the exploration of a Procedurally Generated “Ancient Egypt Style” Tomb. The main objective during the exploration, is to find the Inner Tomb (A room with a big sarcophagus in the middle) and open it, only to find the Relic contained inside it and escape alive with it. Along the way to the Relic, you may find Rare Artifacts, Gold and even Lore Pages that you get to keep along the Relic itself.


Some ancient tombs appeared out of nowhere in Egypt, an old egyptian legend says that these tombs contain highly valuable riches, but are also the resting place of a spirit, a Mejai, who can take on a physical form to struck down any intruders who dare to desturb their sleep.

The Mejai

The Mejai is the spirit that belongs to the tomb and is highly dangerous. It can damage the player even while in spirit form, but requires more than one hit to kill unlike his physical form.

Every Mejai can perform different actions that are unique to it, allowing the team to discover the Mejai type and name, for now being only:

  • Rathos the Damned
  • Dekan the Lost
  • Ouphris the Forgotten
  • Necreph the Shadow

I will mostly talk about their abilities when in Physical form in the following lines.

Rathos the Damned

Rathos is a mummy that roams around the tomb in search of the relic holder.

He has the longest vision range and is nearly silent when moving. You should check all corners before moving, also check your behind a lot. Rathos can also somehow sense the relic holder, so if you are holding the relic, you better make haste! Rathos is fearful of fire, allowing you to avoid his attacks while holding a lit torch, though this can happen only a limited amount of times. Once you do stop him from attacking though, he will get enraged, scream (extinguishing all the flames in close proximity) and starting a short sprint, try to break line of sight as soon as possible if this happens.

Dekan the Lost

Dekan is a… Humanoid Beast I guess? It roams around the tomb searching for the invaders. It is almost completely blind, but it has super-hearing abilities. It can hear a player walking in close proximity and can sense players running from far away. It can also hear you talking through both Global and Local voice chat, so avoid talking to teammates and try to use gestures if in VR or turning off and on equipment to communicate. If you really need to speak, try whispering, it should be harder for the Mejai to hear you that way (Tested, but not sure about it). You can hear Dekan coming because his footsteps are incredibly loud, try to hug walls while crouch-walking around the map to avoid him. VR players should avoid dealing with Dekan at the moment, as crouch-walking is impossible in VR currently. Avoid taking photos while in close proximity, as Dekan will hear the Camera shooting the photo.

Ouphris the Forgotten

Ouphris is the Mejai I personally hate the most. Ouphris transforms into one of the players in the lobby and every players sees him differently from how the others see him. It cannot mimic you. It will mostly start walking around the tomb with nothing else than his headlight, so you can easily identify him. Also, other players should start clicking their headsets or flashlights to show they are friendly. You should hide and avoid being seen by him as he is the Mejai with the best tracking ability, and will follow you around the map easily once he has seen you. It won’t attack immediately, but will start following you for around 30 to 60 seconds (probably based on difficulty). Once the time has passed, it will start whistling. Once it is whistling, you have little to no time to run and hide before he kills you. The Amulet is the only item that can prevent Ouphris from attacking. Activate it while he is whistling and start running to the exit!

Necreph the Shadow

Necreph is actually my favourite along the currently available Mejais. It is easy to play against once you level up and unlock the Tablet with Night Vision or once you learn how to play against him. Necreph can teleport around the map unlike other Mejais. He ALWAYS knows where you are and will teleport to your position every few seconds. If you hear the sound of chains, Hug the walls and avoid staring at him. You should turn off all your light-emitting equipment, including the Helmet, as necreph can sense light even from the other side of the map. Flashlights and lit torches are Death sentences, even when dropped on the ground. DO NOT TAKE ANY PHOTO unless you are sure you are safe to do so, as Necreph can see the Camera Flash.

Co-Op and PvP

Yes, for those of you that hadn’t tried the multiplayer mode of this game, there even are Co-op and PvP.

Once you die, you are teleported inside of a room, probably some kind of limbo. Once inside the limbo, you can decide to traverse one of the two available portals in front of you, Blue being the Co-op and Red being the PvP. In Co-op mode you can still speak with your alive teammates, though your voice will result incredibly low pitched and a little distorted. (Didn’t test yet if you can do that while in PvP mode as well)


Once you are resurrected in Co-op mode, you can help your fellow (alive) teammates by leading them to loot thanks to your newfound ability “Vision”. Vision allows you to see loot through walls and allows for faster exploration during the first stage of the match. The Co-op mummy is of a greenish color and can be recognised by that color difference. You also have the ability to distract, (Default keybind should be “P”) allowing you to attract the attention of the Mejai (Doesn’t work on Rathos, still didn’t test with other Mejais). Teammates can still kill you if you get too close to their torches, also avoid walking on lit torches on the ground or on the walls.


Once in PvP, you are resurrected as a Mummy of the same color as Rathos the Damned. Your bandages are clean white and you are able to attack other players and kill them. Your abilities also allow you to scream and/or breathe fire once leveled up! As like as the Co-op Mummy, you can die by a torch held by the alive players or on the ground, so try to aim for players using flashlights instead. If you like trolling you can instead get outside the tomb without being seen and hide in the tent or behind the car to ambush the others!

Co-op and PvP levels

Currently in the game there is a leveling system for the Co-op and PvP mummies, but i yet have to figure that out and will update the guide in case i find out how to do it.

Match Settings

The game right now offers 4 different difficulties and 3 different map sizes, each of these give different amount of loot… and an higher chance of death.

Difficulty Types

  • Easy Difficulty: You can guess it by it’s name, this is gonna be “easy peasy”. Every player can take 5 hits before dying and there is no timer. Gold is worth a little less than normal.
  • Normal Difficulty: Still easy, but not too much. Every player can take 4 hits and there a 10 minutes timer before the Mejai seals the Inner Tomb and starts hunting in his Physical Form. Gold is worth a normal amount (Around 20 gold per pile if i’m not wrong)
  • Hard Difficulty: Gonna be honest, it isn’t that hard yet. Every player can take 3 hits and the timer is reduced to 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Gold is worth more. Better start running!
  • Brutal Difficulty: If you thought that Hard was easy, then have fun with this. Unless you’re playing in a party of at least 3, it is mostly impossible to get all the loot and figure out the Mejai name before the time expires in a medium or large map. Every player can take only 2 hits before dying, and the timer this time is reduced to the low amount of 4 minutes. Gold piles are worth around 35 each if i’m not wrong.

Maps Sizes

  • Small Map: The map is gonna be (obviously) small, the loot is reduced and there are only 3 gold piles spawning into the map.
  • Medium Map: The map is now bigger, probably around 2 times as big as the small size map. There are gonna be 5 gold piles around the map this time.
  • Large Map: The biggest type of map, around 2 times larger than the medium size one. There are 7 gold piles scattered around this BIG BOI, good luck finding them!

Bonus Mode

I’ve had quite a few games in which the amount of loot was doubled, for example, a Brutal Medium Size map was giving me a total of 10 gold piles instead of the usual 5, and there were 4 lore pages into it! I suggest you play the run fully if you get this kind of match, you’re gonna be rich!


Currently, there are a lot of items available for use in Forewarned. Here is the list and the way to use each of them the best way possible.

Hard Hat

Your trusty helmet, coming with a built-in weak flashlight. Once fully upgraded, it can be used instead as your only light source. (Default keybind for the Hard Hat flashlight is “F”). If you notice the flashlight turning on and off on itself, then you better write down the “Electronic Disturbances” evidence. Upgrades increase the distance at which the light can travel, along with the power of the flashlight.

Smart Watch

Global Chat basically. Your voice becomes distorted the further you are from the person listening to it. Upgrading it makes it clearer on higher distances. Once fully upgraded should have unlimited range with clear sounds.

Photo Camera

The Camera is used to take photos for extra EXP in game. Be sure to check your laptop for the secondary objectives in order to know which photos you have to take! Upgrades increase number of photos you can take up to a maximum of 9.


Is there even a need to introduce us to our savior “The Flashlight”? Light shines further than the helmet. Yes, that’s all it does more than the helmet. Same as the helmet, if it turns on and off on itself, then it’s “Electronic Disturbances” evidence. Upgrades increase the distance at which the light can travel, along with the power of the flashlight.


I wield the power of flame! Anyway, it provides a light source around you rather than in front of you, can also be used to light up the torches and fire places inside the tomb. Requires a Lighter to light up. If you hear a loud blow while holding it and it turns off, then it’s “Extinguished Flames” evidence. Can be upgraded to increase the Flame duration before you have to lit it up again.


Used for nothing more than lighting up the torch or the fire places. Necreph should not be able to see the light produced by it (TO BE TESTED). Cannot be upgraded.

Radar System

A big computer-like thingy that is set up in your tent. By using it you can check out the map layout ahead of time. It can be used along the Radar Sensor to get “Radar Detection” evidence. Upgrades the coverage of the radar system.


A normal compass. Can be used to detect the “Magnetic Distortion” evidence. Cannot be upgraded.

Geiger Counter

Allows the user to detect radioactivity in the surrounding area. You have to move a lot to detect it. Once it starts responding, even the slightest movement of the counter counts as “Radioactivity” evidence. Upgrades allow the item to detect smaller radioactivity.

Metal Detector

Used to cross over the spike trap room by detecting the spikes in the floor with it. If the Mejai appears beside you in his spiritual form, you can use the Metal Detector on it, if it detects metal, it counts as “Metallic Signature” evidence. Upgrades increase sensibility, allowing for easier detecting.

Handheld Radio

A radio with some weird music playing on it alongside the same news over and over (Not complaining, the game is still in E.A.). It can be used to find the entrance to the tomb if turned on and placed down, or can be used to distract Dekan (Most probably works, but didn’t test yet). Didn’t buy yet so i can’t tell about upgrades, i used my friend’s radio ’till now lol.


Your biggest friend if the Mejai is Necreph. Once upgraded to level 2, it allows the use of Night Vision, which makes you able to see in the dark while not producing light that could alert Necreph. Can also be used as some sort of Videocamera for your live streams directly for your tent-support players. First upgrade adds Night Vision, following upgrades increase the night vision distance (removes the “fog”).

Radar Sensor

A sensor that once placed down produces a Radar scan on the Radar System. If the Mejai dares to walk into the Radar scan range, it will appear as a red dot on the Radar System, giving you the “Radar Detection” evidence. Upgrades increase range of the scan.

Heka Amulet

An amulet that protects the user from Ouphris attacks. Activate while Ouphris is whistling to avoid being attacked for a little while. Do not get spooked by the weird voices the Amulet produces while in active. Upgrades increase duration.


An upcoming item that allows the user to translate Hieroglyphs.

Divining Rod

An upcoming item that allows the user to find Gold easily.


An upcoming item. Name says it all, probably used to open up the inner tomb in case it is sealed, or to kill the Mejai Physical form for a while.

How to Play

Once you start the game, you are put in front of your car, which you can later use to return to the lobby when done. The first thing you should do is go to the tent and prepare yourself. Don’t forget to interact with the little laptop to download your objectives! Once you are ready, head for the tomb entrance and interact with the blue lever on the side to open the door. If you are playing on a difficulty other than easy, interacting with the lever starts a timer based on the difficulty you chose, ranging from 10 minutes in Medium difficulty, all the way down to 4 minutes in Brutal difficulty (Refer to “Match Settings” section for more info about difficulty and map size).

Once inside the tomb, you are free to explore it, search for gold piles (that not only give gold, but also exp), levers for secret rooms, evidence about the Mejai, Lore Pages and Rare Artifacts.

About the Gold Piles

Gold piles spawn in set quantities based on map size (Refer to “Match Settings” section for more info about difficulty and map size). They can spawn anywhere, from inside the inner tomb, to behind fire places, and all the way to over the Spike Traps.

About the Levers

There are 3 types of levers currently in the game:

  • Entrance Lever (With a Blue Eye icon on the side)
  • Prison Lever (Red Slave icon on the side)
  • Treasury Lever (Red Necklace icon on the side)

About the Evidence

There currently are 12 types of evidences in the game. Once you get enough of them, you will identify the Mejai and it’s name.

The Evidences currently available are:

Destruction, Extinquished Flames, Reanimation, Magnetic Distortion, Voices, Radar Detection, Tremors, Disturbed Tombs, Radioactivity, Metallic Signature, Footsteps, Electronic Disturbances.

Let’s understand how to get each of them!

  • Destruction: If you hear or see a broken Vase, then you can check the Destruction evidence, easy right?
  • Extinguished Flames: A loud blow blew out your torch or a fire place? Check! (If the fire extinguishes due to time, it is not counted as extinguished flames evidence, you gotta hear that blow!)
  • Reanimation: If you see a mummy jumping out of it’s sarcophagus to scream in your face… I hope you didn’t get an heart attack. If you are still alive, you can check that Reanimation evidence.
  • Magnetic Distortion: Compass going crazy? Check!
  • Voices: You know when Stuhlinger started hearing Richtofen’s voice? Same thing. (If you do not know what i’m talking about, you’re a bad person. Could also appear as some kind of humming or similar, still haven’t found all the sounds)
  • Radar Detection: You need a Radar Sensor placed inside the tomb to get this evidence. If a red dot appears on the radar inside the tent, you can check the radar detection evidence as true.
  • Tremors: Earthquakes? Yep. Just avoid to confuse the earthquake sounds with the scorpion or ambience sounds as some are pretty similar.
  • Disturbed Tombs: Sarcophagus opening/closing on it’s own? You know what it means.
  • Radioactivity: Bring your Geiger Counter in and roam the tomb in search of radioactivity. If you pick up even the slightest signal, you can check it.
  • Metallic Signature: If you “bonk” your metal detector on the Mejai’s head and it starts beeping, it’s your lucky day!
  • Footsteps: Do you hear that? Footsteps sound that do not come from you or your teammates. Must be the ghost that for some reason can walk without legs.
  • Electronic Disturbances: Flashlight or helmet started flickering? The ghost is hunting. Hide in the closet… Now.

About the Lore Pages

Lore Pages can sometimes spawn as secondary objective items, kinda like the Gold Piles. If you are able to pick them up and leave the mission safely, you can unlock them and transcribe them to understand more about the lore of the game.

About the Rare Artifacts

Rare Artifacts can sometimes spawn as secondary objective items, exactly the same way as Lore Pages do. If you escape with them alive, you can then check them out inside of your “Trophy Room” in the lobby.

About the Inner Tomb

We’ve come to the most important part, the Inner Tomb.

The inner tomb is the main room of the game and is designed in a way that lets you in only when you know who the Mejai is. You only have one guess, if you fail, not only you are damaged for one health, but the inner tomb seals forever and you’re stuck inside the Tomb with the Mejai’s Physical form until you find the Blue Lever to open the Exit. If you can get into it, remember to take a photo of the Sarcophagus for extra EXP, then open it and retrieve the Relic. Once you do that, the Mejai takes on Physical form and you have to deal with him while searching for the Blue Lever to get out. If you can get out alive with the Relic, you are awarded with a lot of extra EXP. Remember to drop down the relic in the car by pressing “Q”.


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  1. Co-op mummies can totally flip all the levers in the game. It is done in order to avoid being unable to activate the Treasury and Prison levers since in Multiplayer those levers need to be activated at the same time to open the Treasury/Prison.

  2. Here are the list of all puzzles

    1: Simon Says
    2: Sorting heads by north, south, east and west
    3: A laser puzzle
    4: A mirror puzzle
    5: Find 3 keys and press the 3 buttons in a certain amount of time.

  3. Do you know if it’s possible for the mejai to enter the puzzle room or the lower levels in general ? Also, the side objective, the one that asks “to prove the mejai’s existence,” does that require a photo of the actual physical manifestation or is that in regards to escaping with the artifact ? I’ve tried snapping photos of Ouphris while he’s dicking around me and get nothing 🙁

    • The Mejai cannot enter the puzzle room and the lower levels, but will still chase you down the stairs until a determined point if it was chasing you while you were going down the stairs.
      The “Prove the Mejai existence” task requires you to take a photo of the physical manifestation of the mejai. To do that with Ouphris is kinda tricky, as if you are playing alone it might be hard to do. Basically you have to activate the Amulet item a little bit after he starts whistling, as if you want to avoid his attack. He will briefly turn into his real form after you stop his attack, allowing you to take a photo and complete the task, but to be honest i prefer to avoid getting a photo of Ouphris, as the reward is too little compared to the max amount of loot you get if you win the game.

  4. Thanks! I’m not sure if it was level-triggered or not, but I just got the Tablet II upgrade after reaching level 11.

  5. Hey man. Me and my buddy are playing and wondering how to use the levers, we have a suspicion that they are to be used in the order of the hieroglyphics, but I think I see them even when there are no hieroglyphics to be found in the tombs. Can you specify?

    • As of now, the Hieroglyphs are useless, aside from the ones needed for the Hieroglyphs photo objective. Back to the levers though, if the Treasury or the Prison spawn in the map, there will be 2 levers for that room hidden around the map. You have to find them both and activate them for the Prison/Treasury to open. If you are playing solo, you just need to activate them both, but if you are playing co-op with another player, you have to activate both the levers at the same time by coordinating with the other players.

  6. Thanks! I’m not sure if it was level-triggered or not, but I just got the Tablet II upgrade after reaching level 11.

  7. Thanks! I was super confused for a bit there. Awesome guide, Necreph haunts my dreams through these photos. All we have been getting is that damned Ouphris The Forgotten!

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