Honey, I Joined a Cult – The Pool of Revelations and How to Find Follower Quality

Please note: all credit goes to RealMrKraken!

How to obtain the ability to see follower traits and their quality before recruiting them!

Guide to Find Follower Quality


In order to see follower quality before you recruit them into your cult, you need to use the Module Room – Pool of Revelation.

This takes some time to get, first of all you need Research Room, which you get from doing the first mission.

Total Investment

  • 1350 Influence
  • 153 Research Hours (base)

What needs to be learned first

  • PR Missions 20 Cost 3 hrs
  • Maintenance Room 20 Cost 3 hrs
  • Energy Spa 40 cost 6 hrs
  • Recruitment Office 40 cost 6 hrs
  • Follower Cap 1 70 cost 9 Hrs
  • Influence Cap 1 70 cost 9 Hrs
  • Covert Ops 100 cost 12 Hrs
  • Maggot Therapy Room 100 cost 12 hrs
  • Hypno Chamber 130 Cost 15 Hrs
  • Batrachian Cap 2 130 cost 15 hrs
  • Faith Cap 2 210 cost 21 Hrs
  • Paint Station 170 cost 18 Hrs

Once you have learned the Pool of Revelations, you need to build the “Module Room” for it, as long as module room is manned by a cultist, followers can go there to get enhancements or in this case, allow us to see their traits and quality. You can manually send followers to be revealed by selecting them and then right clicking on the pool (again, as long as it is manned by a cultist)

It takes approx 11 hours for a follower to be revealed, shorter if you have a high skill cultist operating the control. To see the quality, you can see the tabs for the selected follower, or click the Followers UI button, hover over the laurette at the start of the traits to see their quality.

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