Whisperwind – Achievement Guide

Simple achievement guide for this quite short and also simple horror game. I will only tell you how to get the different endings, as you will get every other achievement along the way.

Guide to Achievements

Ending 1: Runner/Bad Ending

Run away from Whisperwind

  • Take the brick, open the cell and take the flashlight.
  • Go down the corridor and open the first gate.
  • Go in the nursery and pick up the pliers; to go out you need to find and enter the doorcode, otherwise you die after some time from the gas, both hints for the code are inside, the code is: 3178.
  • Open the second big gate (in courtyard).

Ending 2: Killer/Killer Ending

Banish Jeffrey from this world

  • Take the brick, open the cell and take the flashlight.
  • Go down the corridor and open the first gate.
  • Pick up the matches and alkohol (one item) at the basketball field in the courtyard.
  • Pick up the screwdriver in the library.
  • Pick up the lockpick in the cafeteria.
  • Climb up the boxes to the right of the storage and open the vent.
  • Lockpick cell A5 and pick up the crowbar.
  • Pick up the lockdown key in the open cell B2 and open the double doors to go back to the courtyard.
  • Open the office door next to the second big gate.
  • Go in the back left room, open the briefcase and pick up the interrogation room key, you need a key though, the hint is right next to it, the code is: 835.
  • Still in the office, go in the director room and from there in the interrogation room, pick up the knife, open the safe and pick up the storage keycard, again you need a code, one hint is in this room, the other one in the directors room, the code is: 3629. 
  • Go back to the courtyard and open the storage with the keycard, cut the tape with the knife and go down the sewers.
  • You have to interact with certain valves, check the paper and interact with those which aren’t red.
  • The water will be gone and you really are in the sewers now which pretty much is a giant maze, the only tip I can give you here is to follow the blood, when you see a strange red/purple circle at the end of a corridor, you found your target.
  • Approach it to find Jeff.
  • Now interact with his body (not the arms!) to burm him with the matches and alcohol.

Ending 3: Saviour/Good Ending

Save Jeffrey from his curse

  • Same than Ending 2, except you don’t need the matches and alcohol and at the end interact with one of Jeff’s hands to use the knife to free him.

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