Angel Light The Elven Truce – Definitive Eura Village Guide (Chapter 2)

This guide will describe in a general aspect what to do and what not to do in Chapter 2. The Chapter is very straight forward but all roads are dangerous.

Guide to Eura Village (Chapter 2)

Steps for a Successful Run in Chapter 2

You will start with 2 allies, Draco and Anika.

Anika takes the path to the South and Draco goes to the North.

You decide which one to follow or if you want to go directly to the main boss fight.

In one of the tents when the Chapter begins, there is a crossbow, take it and use it in most fights versus big monsters, the swords have little to no damage to big monsters.

All enemies are stronger than Chapter 1. Also the Ice Spell does a lot of damage, but still use the crossbow for the final boss.

Also use the “R” key to run and escape fast if needed!

Also by reading the magic book in the start point you can have the help of a Big Ice Golem, created by the Ice Queen Vera, older sister of the Dark King Thormentor.

The Ice Golems are very strong!

You can have up to 2 Ice Golems helping you

The Destruction Shadows are the real final boss of this Chapter 2, Do not engage at close distance, these evil monsters will one hit kill you! Use the crossbow!

Chapter 2 is full of little skirmish fights and some character reveal that makes the story more rich and interesting! The achievements are very easy to get, Can You get em all?

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